Discover the 9 Empath Types & Deepen Your Intuitive Healing Powers with Dr. Judith Orloff

Don’t miss this free hour with Dr. Judith Orloff, the Godmother of the Empath Movement

In Discover the 9 Empath Types & Deepen Your Intuitive Healing Powers: Your Intuitive Guidance System for Healthy Boundaries & Empowered, you’ll join Dr. Judith Orloff to discover common obstacles to tuning in to your full intuitive power — so you can gain greater inner peace and more energy, and expand your vision for your life.

Discover why Empaths Have the Power to Co-create a New Way of Being in the World

Embody Your Empathic Powers with Wendy De Rosa

In Embody Your Empathic Powers: Clear Unprocessed Fear, Find Your True Center & Strengthen Your Intuition, you’ll experience a guided healing to release fear embedded in your energy body and access your intuition — to stay grounded and hold your energetic boundaries.
We hope you’re able to attend the event as scheduled… but if you register and miss it, this special hour with Wendy is so impactful that you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.