New Science Behind Healing Your Mind, Body, Spirit… and Biofield

This is a rare opportunity to not only understand the future of holistic healing from an intellectual perspective, but also from an experiential embodied place. Guided by leaders from around the globe, you’ll be able to integrate the latest proven techniques into your daily life.

Must Join to Hear these leading voices in biofield science, energy medicine, sound healing, psychedelics, and integrative mental health are among the global pioneers gathering to share their work with you. They will guide you through the latest in healing trauma, connecting through coherence, strengthening your intuition, working with the biofield, understanding the future of mental health, and more.

Holistic Certification Training with a Leading Botanical Medicine Expert

Learn how to join a holistic certification training with a leading botanical medicine expert

Be prepared to walk away from this inspiring knowledge-filled hour with active curiosity about how you can apply Illuminated Herbalism to your life, and how plants nourish, care for, and protect your physical body… keep your mind clear and healthy… and empower you to reach your spiritual goals.