Invitation to Journey with Elders and Mystics into Sacred Ritual, Prayer & Ceremony

Journey with elders and mystics into sacred ritual, prayer & ceremony

Join this special event to receive deep insights, rituals, and guidance for sacred living from some of the world’s most revered elders and teachers of this ancient path from diverse Earth-based wisdom traditions. Join us for the Shamanic Wisdom Summit now — and discover practices from diverse shamanic wisdom streams that can direct you to the next step on your spiritual journey.

Turn Uncertainty into Opportunity with the Wisdom of Celtic Shamanism

Celtic Shamanism with Jane Burns - Transform Uncertainty Into Opportunity

In Transform Uncertainty Into Opportunity With the Wisdom of Celtic Shamanism: Approach Life’s Betwixt & Between Times With Courage, Acceptance & Intention, you’ll experience a guided journey to Angus, Celtic God of Love and Youth, who will help you protect and grow a new insight, project, or way of being that you birthed during the betwixt and between time of this past year.

Experience the Healing Alchemy of Mary Magdalene’s Teachings

Experience the Healing Alchemy of Mary Magdalene’s Teachings with Elayne Doughty

In Experience the Healing Alchemy of Mary Magdalene’s Teachings: Wisdom & Untold Stories to Catalyze Self-Empowerment, Divinity & Wholeness, you’ll experience a powerful visualization practice to discover which of Mary Magdalene’s 6 Sacred Faces is most alive within you — and gain wisdom about how to embody this