How to Know if you’re a Messenger with a Unique Message to Share

During How to Become the Messenger You’re Meant to Be: 3 Keys to Break Through Your Fears & Embrace Your Calling, Tim Kelley will share a practice to help you connect with your Higher Guidance, so you can uncover the exact message that only you can share with the world.

Inspiration & Direction from Women Redefining Life After 50 – August 20-24 Live

Thriving in Your Third Act: Women Finding Fire & Fulfillment After 50 — August 20-24

Discover The Keys to Thriving in Your “Next Act” Are you ready to flourish in your “next act”? Are you passionate about fulfilling your true purpose? Ready to share your wisdom and lived experience… especially at a time when our world so desperately needs it? You’ve already lived a rich life, and now you may be thinking “What’s next?” Maybe you’ve loved your career, your family, but want to spend the rest of your life doing_________ … fill in the blank! Or maybe you imagine fulfilling a lifelong dream, a fantasy from childhood, an outrageous aspiration that you’ve never even shared out loud! In our mainstream culture, there’s an underlying message that after you arrive at a certain age, you’ve already achieved your goals, reached your pinnacle, and mastered what was meant for you in this lifetime… Yet, the life experiences you’ve navigated, the path you’ve pioneered, the work you’ve done in the world, is only the beginning — a …