Develop your CRITICAL THINKING skills – easily! – online training

Develop your CRITICAL THINKING skills - easily!
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Are you one of the 9 out of 10 people out there who could do with a brain boost? Falling behind at college because you don't seem to learn as effectively as your peers? Not getting that promotion at work because someone else seems a lot smarter than you? Find yourself making the wrong decisions all the time? Find it difficult to solve problems? Have problems persuading other people? Don't worry. A lot of the above problems really boil down to you being able to think more logically and rationally and being able to present your point across in a clear and convincing way. That's where improving your critical thinking skills is important. Simply put, critical thinking skills help you think better and smarter. Developing your critical thinking skills is not as hard as you might think. In this, one of the comprehensively structured courses in critical thinking, we provide you with a simple and fun way to do just that. Warning – this is not your typical dry academic course in logic and philosophy! We take some elements of logic and philosophy, but are more interested in getting people to apply those ideas in in the real-world. Boost your brainpower in just a few days! How? I explain in very simple terms each key step in the critical thinking process that is designed to build up your confidence as a critical thinker. You'll learn quickly and effectively with easy-to-digest videos that cover basic concepts along with practical examples. What can be better than spending less than 5 minutes each day picking up a new critical thinking concept or idea? You will be using your portfolio of critical skills in no time! And because the videos are small digestible chunks and easily indexed, you can quickly review and remind yourself of what you have learned. I've specifically designed the course in this way so it's like having your own personal library on tap at any time – and remember, you get lifetime access for only US$49! >> More details…