Dream Travel to Other Times & Parallel Worlds – Meet Multidimensional Self

learn conscious dream travel to explore the past & access other dimensions
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Experience conscious dream travel to visit your future and other versions of yourself.

Your dreams and the play of synchronicity around you can open doorways to the deeper order of reality and your own greater potential.  

In dreams, you travel beyond linear time and beyond body and brain. Through synchronicity, or what Jung called a “rupture in time,” powers of the deeper world come poking through the veils of consensual reality to awaken you. 

You are a time traveler in dreams. You travel to past, future, and parallel times. 

On Saturday, May 14, with beloved dreamer Robert Moss, you’ll be guided on how to use your dream memories as a platform for grand adventures in lucid shamanic dreaming. In doing so, you’ll shape a better future, clear ancestral karma, and bring healing, guidance, and creative energy into your embodied life.

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learn lucid shamanic conscious dreaming - how to dream travel to explore the past & access other dimensions and parallel worlds, visit your future self, access more of your multidimensional self

During this reality-expanding free online event with Robert, you’ll:

  • Explore the art of dream travel — and how to make it a conscious practice by setting itineraries, revisiting places you’ve been to in dreams, and spending more time in the fertile liminal space between sleep and wakefulness
  • Experience a guided meditation to grow and climb a tree of vision, raise your energy levels, and build a sanctuary for replenishing your soul and a base camp for shamanic lucid dreaming
  • Explore your parallel lives in the Many Worlds — those who made different choices and live in divergent timelines — to free yourself from regrets over paths not taken, and share gifts and resources with your doppelgangers in other realities
  • Discover how to practice trans-temporal healing as you visit a younger self in their own Now time and discover ways to bring back the magical child —the beautiful bright dreamer who checked out when the world got too cruel, leaving you joyless and bereft of dreams
  • Experience time travel in the company of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, beloved literary masters and dedicated dreamers who developed practices for “dream inspection” and dream travel into the past, the future, and Othertime

Robert will help you recognize dreams that are showing you possible futures, and show you how to clarify and apply the information to shape your future for the better. He’ll point you to roads you can travel on in conscious dreaming so you can create optimal outcomes and manifest your heart’s desires.

As you explore the multiverse, you’ll grow your experience of your multidimensional self, bringing fresh energy, insight, and wonder into daily life.

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In Open the Door to Dream Travel: Explore Other Times & Worlds to Access More of Your Multidimensional Self with Robert Moss…

… you’ll experience conscious dream travel to explore the past, access other dimensions of NOW, visit your future and other versions of yourself, and reclaim your spiritual lineage.