Drumming – Sound Healing Therapy – Simple & Powerful “Vibrational Medicine”

Discover Your Healing Rhythms with Christine Stevens

A drum is so much more than an instrument for performance —  it’s a simple, yet powerful form of “vibrational medicine,” used since ancient times.    

Drumming can lower stress, help you relax, ground you in the present moment, and even boost your  immune system. You can also “drum” painful emotions such as  fear and grief, organically transforming them into acceptance, gratitude, and love…

And you don’t need any musical experience — just your willingness to open to spontaneous feelings of liberation, joy, and self-expression.  

On Saturday Encore, August 24, speaker, author, and music therapist Christine Stevens will help you discover how drumming can help you uncover and shift your difficult emotions AND “tap into” your true essence, during a FREE virtual event, Discover Your Healing Rhythms: Drumming to Transform Emotions & Embody Radiance.

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Drumming to Transform Emotions & Embody Radiance - Discover Your Healing Rhythms

During this highly experiential hour, you’ll:

  • Experience the healing sounds of drums used in several world traditions
  • Discover how drumming can move you from trauma-induced feelings and pain towards healing
  • Learn to drum — beyond the consistent beats used in shamanic journeying — to embody and express your inner radiance
  • Discover rhythms to shift from the mind to the heart
  • Experience a drumming journey from fear to love
  • Join a global blessing for the Earth through rhythm 

Christine’s passion for drumming is infectious — so don’t miss this healing hour.  She’ll guide you to feel into the ways drumming can shift difficult feelings, evoke deep joy, and bring out your true radiance.   

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Christine will take you on a drumming journey from fear to love… so be sure you register now for: Discover Your Healing Rhythms: Drumming to Transform Emotions & Embody Radiance.