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This eReport can help you guard against EMF damage

In today’s world, surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs), it has become impossible to place shields between them and our bodies.

Learn how you can protect yourself from the inside with an innovative supplement based on microbiome science designed to support the body against the harmful effects of EMFs.

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Advanced Microbiome Science to Shield Against EMF Damage!

Discover a new, cutting-edge development in the field of EMF protection that utilizes human biological quantum entanglement to provide radiation protection at the human cellular level.

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EMFs are characterized by frequency and wavelength; some of them, such as ionizing radiation, are extremely dangerous for living beings, as they cause damage to DNA, RNA, proteins and essentially all macromolecules.

Forms of non-ionizing radiation, such as ultraviolet radiation, are also dangerous, as they can cause mutations and are known to increase the probability of skin cancer.

In this report, medical doctor and molecular biologist Dr. Marco Ruggiero shares the secrets and science behind Praesidium’s remarkable ability to transfer resistance to electromagnetic fields to human cells while also increasing the ability to support DNA repair.

Praesidium users report:

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Regular REM sleep where it previously was absent
  • Higher energy levels
  • Significant reduction in severe migraines
  • Marked improvement in sleeping
  • Sustained heart rate variability
  • Improvement in skin appearance on their face
  • Increased regularity & ease of bowel movements
  • And more!

Discover a new, cutting-edge development in the field of EMF protection that utilizes human biological quantum entanglement to provide radiation protection at the human cellular level.

Also Get Free: Let’s “talk” about EMFs & 5G with Drs. Klinghardt, Gittleman & Davidson – Most downloaded EMF & 5G interview transcripts

HealthMeans has unlocked some of their most influential interviews about EMFs and 5G — gain insights from 3 well-known health experts in this full-length transcripts eBook!

There is a lot to be learned from these 3 interview transcripts.

Download your complimentary let’s “talk” about EMFs and 5G transcripts from HealthMeans!

In this 37-page document, you’ll learn about:

  • “EMF, 5G Cell Towers, Geoengineering & Retroviruses” with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
  • “A Danger We Can’t See” with Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman
  • “The Connection Between Headaches & Chronic Disease” with Dr. Jay Davidson

Here are some snippets from these incredible interviews:

Deitrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD
“There are two factors that drive the epitome of chronic illness: one is the Wi-Fi environment and the other is agrochemicals, the chemicals used to grow our food. If you could control those two factors, there would virtually be no chronic illness. We would have succeeded in eradicating cancer and eradicating pretty much all chronic illnesses.”

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS
“The electromagnetic fields which are highly biologically active — they don’t actually heat the body the way an ionizing radiation or X-rays do — but the cells in your body really react to these EMFs as potentially harmful. And they shut down.”

Jay Davidson, DC, PScD
“Viruses, parasites, bacteria, these different stressors can cause coagulation
of the blood. Even EMFs — electromagnetic fields — or what’s technically called EMRs now, electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, they can also change. Cell phones right to your head can change the coagulation of blood.”

You’ll also reserve a seat for the free, online Microbiome Magic webinar taking place on February 23, 2022. Learn more about this exciting innovation based on radiation resistant microbial cells that is designed to act as an inner shield to protect against and repair the damage exerted by EMF radiation on the microbiome’s cells.

Dr. Marco Rugggiero’s EMF protection webinar is a must-see

Dr. Marco Ruggiero’s vitally important Microbiome Magic webinar took place earlier this week.

In this powerful conversation, we learned about a natural solution to the harmful effects of the invisible electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) we are involuntarily exposed to every day.

Dr. Marco Ruggiero shared his life’s research and the amazing science behind Praesidium’s ability to transfer resistance to electromagnetic fields to human cells while also increasing the ability to support DNA repair.

This event was such an incredible educational experience, which means it’s totally worth watching the replay (it’s only up for a few more days!).

Your link to the Microbiome Magic on-demand webinar replay!

Whether you have EMF sensitivity that is disrupting your daily life or are simply interested in learning how to protect yourself from the effects of electromagnetic radiation, you’ll benefit from the free Microbiome Magic Webinar.

Dr. Marco Ruggiero’s new, cutting-edge development in the field of EMF protection is designed to act as an inner shield that not only offers a beneficial remedy for multiple health problems and symptoms of EMF sensitivity, but also promotes protection against further damage to your body on a cellular level.

Watch the on-demand replay and learn about EMF protection, as well as:

  • What EMFs are & what they do
  • Biological & health impacts of exposure to EMFs & 5G
  • Why microbes are essential for our health
  • How silica & silicates repair & increase DNA longevity & stability
  • How quantum processes are the basis of life
  • Important factors in protection against EMFs
  • How to alleviate the symptoms of EMF sensitivity
  • And more!

It’s okay if you couldn’t make the live event (or if you just want to watch it again)…

Watch Dr. Marco Ruggiero’s webinar to get started on the path to protecting yourself from EMFs — from the inside!

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