Enter your Business successfully in LATIN countries! – online training

Enter your Business successfully in LATIN countries!
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I will give you a FREE 20 minutes interview through a Webinar during the course, to solve you doubts or give u real contacts and advices in these countries. I have been making Business with latin people since 1999, when I was studying an MBA in IE Business School in Madrid. I realized that each country has his own idiosyncrasy, culture and different ways to make the same. So you should adapt to each situation if you want to get success.Now everybody knows that there's a HUGE opportunity to make business in LATAM; 200 million Internet users, growh of 30% per year, and much more positive indicators in the same direction. But Latins have their own way to make Business, to close agreements, to make the PPRR & Social Media activities… and they act diferent than people form te States. We must learn a lot about them.So In this course you will learn: How to priorize the entering to different countries depending on your goals. What are the most interesting countries for your products or services. How to catch the attention of first users and media contacts. How to priorize SEO an Social Media tactics depending on the region. How to priorize activities to get you goals in a minimun cost.Growth Hacking tactics that run in LATAM countries.DON'T SUBESTIME THE SUBCULTURES AND LATIN STYLE; IF YOU TRY TO DO THE SAME THAN IN THE STATES, BE SURE YOU'LL FAIL. Take this course and learn to think like a Latin. You'll understand more about the way they make business, and your strategy will be more successful both in LATAM and the US, because you'll know much more your [new] users and they will perveive you as a 'better comany' to work with. >> More details…