Explore how to live by imagination & reclaim the playful, unencumbered part of yourself

Enter into the most powerful Imaginal Realm… the place between sleep and awake

Do you sense that something is missing from your life?

It may be your Magical Child, the voice of your very soul, tugging at your skirt… demanding… (or maybe whispering)… for you to open the door to your imagination and a bigger story for your life…

… a life that just might take you out of your comfort zone, yet would bring you great joy, and allow your unique gifts to be realized and shared with the world.

Yet how do you reconnect with the lost childlike parts of yourself — that awe, wonder, imagination, and spontaneity that opens you to what truly delights, soothes, and fulfills you? 

Bestselling author and world-renowned dream shaman Robert Moss will share exciting ways to re-open the door that leads to the Magical Child within you…

… allowing you to welcome in playfulness, unbridled creativity, and the liberating abandon that — when allowed in — feels like “home.”

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Reclaim Your Magical Child & Become the Shaman of Your Soul

During this enchanting hour, you’ll discover: 

  • Real places of healing within the Imaginal Realm — most active in the space between sleep and awake 
  • A reunion with your Magical Child and parts of you that were lost due to trauma, family patterns, or your soul contract  
  • “The Door in the Wall” that leads you to your Magical Child, a priceless source of joy and juice for your life 
  • The rich and strange territory “behind the door,” where you can pluck from the quantum soup of possibility 
  • What it means to be an Active Dreamer who can fold time, scout out challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and heal the past

As you bring back and integrate your Magical Child’s energy, joy, and imagination into your adult self now, you’ll become what Robert calls “the shaman of your own soul.”

You’ll love Robert Moss, and the practical wisdom he shares for bringing the healing energy and imagination of your Magical Child — including your dreamworld — and the wise guidance of your “inner shaman” into your everyday life.

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During Reclaim Your Magical Child & Become the Shaman of Your Soul, you’ll discover how to reclaim vital energy and identity you’ve lost… parts of your soul — a concept not unlike the traditional shaman’s practice of soul retrieval, except that here you are acting as the shaman of your own soul in the deep healing process Robert calls “soul recovery.”