Film your TV show or movie for theater, television, DVD – online training

Film your TV show or movie for theater
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If you ever wanted to get your film or movie in theaters, television, DVD, or streaming online, then this Filming Techniques & Tips course is for you.  You will learn the movie making techniques for lighting, sound, and editing.  There are lots of free tools you'll discover that will get your project ready for film festivals, air on television, produced on DVD, and available for online streaming. You'll become a professional by being listed in IMDb with your credits, trailers, clips, posters, and photos with your production company summary.  You'll have access to submit your project to over 800 film festivals, exhibitions, and competitions across the U.S. You don't have to worry about expensive lighting and sound equipment or editing software.  This Filming Techniques & Tips course gives you the solution to avoiding huge expenses to making a film.  In addition to producing your screenplay, you'll learn all the marketing and publicity techniques that will separate your project from others and place you at the top.  Your project will be clearly recognized with the buzz being made with interviews on radio, TV, and social media. This filming techniques & tips course also teaches important business aspects of film production.  You'll learn how to be smart with copyright protection to ensure your intellectual property does not land in the wrong hands.  Need money?  Don't worry.  This filming techniques & tips course teaches basic fundraising tips to help ensure you don't end financially.  In less than three hours, you can complete this course that will provide you step-by-step video instruction that delivers all the tips, tricks, and techniques to get your project out in the public. Do you want your project on television, theater, DVD, or streaming online?  Do you want to make some money selling your movie or TV show?  Take this Filming Techniques & Tips course and learn how today.

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