Intuitive Design: How To Build Products That Are Easy To Use – online training

Intuitive Design: How To Build Products That Are Easy To Use
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OVER 500 SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS HAVE ALREADY TAKEN THIS COURSE Why are some websites, software, apps, and devices easy to use and others are not? Why do users like some products and reject others? Designers of products that are easy to use know the secret — They design a conceptual model of the product that matches the target audience's mental model of how it should work. In this course you will learn the secret of how to create a conceptual model. About This Course: Over 500 very happy students Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee from Udemy All future upgrades and lectures are included for FREE Some examples of what's in the course: How to create a conceptual model How to connect a conceptual model to the users' mental models How to decide on major user objects and their “views” How to make critical conceptual model decisions before you wireframe or prototype a single screen How to make sure that the conceptual model of what you design fits the users' mental models How to use the data you have from user research to create your conceptual model The critical components of navigation and action bar design How to use card sorting techniques to organize information in a way that makes sense to your audience Quizzes throughout the course to test your knowledge Exercises throughout the course to practice what you are learning and much, much more! Click the “Take This Course” button at the top right of this page now and get started right away. You don't want to delay learning the secret of using a conceptual model to create products that are a delight and easy to use. >> More details…