Leadership, management & entrepreneurship in the 21 Century – online training

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Welcome to the world's largest, and most comprehensive, 21st Century leadership course. Certified by the globally recognised 'Institute of Leadership & Management', we provide you with a clear, practical and powerful learning journey.Discover why 21st Century leaders need to combine leadership, management & entrepreneurship skills and how you can use our '21 principles' framework to succeed in today's complex, uncertain and rapidly-changing world. Join our program today and accelerate your journey to becoming an authentic, high-performing 21st Century leader. > 21 clear lectures on the key principles you need to succeed. > Packed with practical examples, tips, quizzes, self-assessment, links and summaries. > Powerful, cutting-edge frameworks provide you with superior insight & understanding. > Concise explanations, we know you're busy so we get straight to the point! Clear, practical, powerful, concise and best of all, free, join now and start learning how to lead & succeed! Course structure Every video lecture uses the following structure: 1. Introduce the principle and explain why it is important; this helps the student understand the context of their learning. 2. Explain the subject matter using a simple example to give deep understanding of the principle. 3. 3 relevant quotes are discussed allowing a deeper explanation of the subject matter using real life characters to bring variety to the learning experience. 4. We clearly and concisely explain the most important learning points thereby enabling you to quickly understand what you need to know. 5. A real example is presented and discussed to provide more understanding and context. 6. We then explain how to apply the principle in the real world by providing you with many practical frameworks that you can use straight away to start being a better leader. 7. We bring the learning to an end by providing 3 practical tips that can help you use the principle effectively in your local reality and providing a summary for your learning. The learning diary We strongly advise that you create a learning diary to make the most out of this course. Why? The best way to improve your learning is to reflect on your learning and how you can use the principles to improve the way you lead. We suggest getting a fresh notebook and using one page per lecture. By doing this you will rapidly accelerate your learning. Clear, practical, powerful, concise and best of all, free, join now and start learning how to lead & succeed! >> More details…