Learn to be an Animator. Part 1. “Good habits” – online training

Learn to be an Animator. Part 1. "Good habits"
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  During this course, by repeating exercises, explained in the Videos, Students will learn Animation Work Flow by using:Projects.Incremental save.Graph Editor as their main Animation tool, working with splines and tangents.Time Slider and Copy/Past/Delete functions.Drag and Drop ToolExtremes and Breakdowns  When Students will be required to download Animation models (rigs), they will be provided with direct links to those models.  It should take from 1 to 2 weeks to complete the course.”Learn to be an Animator” is 100%video, easy to follow, step by step instructions of gradually increasing complexity. students are required to repeat the manipulations while they watch the video, and then practice on their own several times before taking another video. It consists of two sections. Preparatory procedures: making projects, learning to Save, undo, delete/copy/paste etc.Animation Exercises with pendulums of increasing complexity.This Course is a no-nonsense approach to Animation technique, taught at deliberately slow pace. All the tools are introduced one by one, giving Students plenty of opportunity to practice them. >> More details…