Learn Rituals & Recipes to Nourish & Enlighten You in Mind, Body & Spirit

Learn How to Create a Sacred Kitchen with Karen Wang Diggs
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Combine the Art of Cooking, Spicery & Knife Skills with the Wisdom of Spiritual Traditions.

Whether cooking for yourself and others is your passion, or you see cooking as a tedious yet necessary chore…

… wouldn’t it be wonderful if cooking could become a powerful spiritual practice to center yourself, foster inner peace, and transcend the mundane?

According to Karen Wang Diggs, a certified nutritionist and celebrated chef, you can turn the daily task of cooking into a mindful, meditative practice that transforms your kitchen into a sacred place of enlightenment — all while improving your overall mental, physical, and spiritual health.

On Thursday, April 21, Karen will explain how you can combine the everyday task of preparing meals with awareness training — and equip yourself with the tools to elevate your spiritual awakening — all while improving your physical wellbeing through nutrition-packed, gluten-free, low-glycemic recipes.

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Learn steps you can do at home to elevate every meal into an act of enlightenment

In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll discover:

  • An opening guided meditation to tap into your primary sense of touch, focusing on your skin from head-to-toe — your largest organ that’s constantly connected to everything around you, including the food you cook and eat
  • Karen’s fresh, spiritual, enlightened view of the kitchen, the heart(h) of your home — and why healthy and sustainable cooking is a path to having a grounded, centered, and vibrant  life 
  • The symbiotic relationship between digestion, health, and meditation — and how our gut microbiome affects our mood, cognition, energy, and even longevity
  • Why fermented foods and the process of fermentation  can elevate our spirituality — and why what we put in our bodies can change the very fabric of who we are
  • A unique herbal tea recipe to enjoy along with a morning meditation — and the 3 best foods to have for dinner to elevate serotonin for nightime meditation and restful sleep

When you embark on what Karen calls an edible journey to realization, you can potentially enter states of higher consciousness while preparing meals…

Join us for this powerful hour and learn how you can gain the skills and tools you need to turn your kitchen into a sacred space as you cook your way to greater enlightenment… while feeding your body, spirit, and soul. 

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In How to Create a Sacred Kitchen: Rituals & Recipes to Nourish & Enlighten the Mind, Body & Spirit with certified nutritionist Karen Wang Diggs 

… you’ll learn soul-nourishing steps anyone can do at home, combining the art of cooking, spicery, and knife skills with the wisdom of spiritual traditions and mindful meditation practices — elevating each and every meal into an act of enlightenment.