Create a WordPress website for your creative business – online training

Create a WordPress website for your creative business

Create your own website for your small business using WordPress! This course focuses on creating a simple website–from the ground up. Before we even get started designing the site, we'll go over the details of your business, content creation, and basic branding. After that, we'll set up hosting, a domain name, and install WordPress–then we'll get to designing, installing plugins, and getting everything up and running! Oh, and there's NO coding! Note: This course is very NON-technical and focuses more on the “why” behind making a website than the “how” of the technical aspects. This way you create a website that is geared toward your dream client and that sells your products and services–not just a pretty website that does nothing for you. If you're looking for a technical course on how to create a website, this course is NOT for you. If you're looking for an easy-to-follow course on how to create a simple website that sells your products and services, sign up! This course includes: A resource list of websites, products, and services that I use and love Worksheets to help keep your website and business on track and focused around your goal–selling products and services Short videos that cover one topic at a time–so you can find exactly what you need and work at your own pace This course is designed for: Busy entrepreneurs and indie business owners who can't afford to hire out website design and development–or who just want to learn to do it themselves without investing a huge amount of time or money Small business owners who already have a website, but find it's not selling their products or services as well as it could be And it's mostly geared towards ladies, as there's a lot of pink, but men will find the content useful too! Note: This course relies heavily on the Genesis Framework and the Gravity Forms plugin. These are premium WordPress themes and plugins. Other options are mentioned, but the videos and instructions will feature these premium options. While it's possible to get a lot out of this course without making these investments, I highly recommend them if you want to create a professional website. Links to these resources are included in the course material. – >> Click for More details…

How To Do More, Faster – Set And Reach Any Goal You Wish – online training

How To Do More in Less Time

Master The Skill Of Goal Setting To Achieve Results Like Never Before Goals are very important part of anyone’s life. Especially if you're just starting out a new part of your life : new school, new job, new city … Then, setting the right goal and pursuing it is crucial part of your life. People who live their life without any goals often fail to get what they have always dreamed of, without even really trying to get it. Some people have this philosophy of being contented with what they have, which is good to some extent, but it does not work for you in the long run. You always need a purpose to move on and get a better life, and this purpose is provided to you by goals. In this whole course, I will show you the whole process of identifying goals, pursuing those goals and finally reaching them, making them part of your life. Goals can make your life far easier and better. If you take your goals seriously, and follow the steps and strategies in this course, then I am 100 percent sure that it will not only make your life better, but it will also help you in resolving all of your problems more easily. If all of the above is not making sense to you, then you should still start this course, because in it you will come across all the details. Wow, this is too good to be true! Will this cost me an arm? Here’s the good news, NO.I want everybody to be able to have access to these great goal setting tools . So how much will this cost you? REAL WORLD VALUE = $199 But hey, like I said. I want EVERYBODY to be able to afford this amazing Goal Setting Course: So, I’ve decided to lower the costs of this product. Hence, your total investment in “How To Set And Reach Any Goal You Wish” Is: 99$ BUT, I'm making a special price for the first 300 early birds here : I'm giving it away for the first people getting this offer, for : $29 only (launch price) for the first 300 fast action takers! I don’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity! Take action before it's too late and the price goes up again! P.S Remember, It’s not how much you stand to gain, but how much you stand to lose out by not taking action. P.P.S If you’re sick of others telling you that you can’t succeed in your life, It’s high time you showed them who is the boss! – >> Click for More details…

Relationship Mind Mastery: The Essentials – online training

Relationship Mind Mastery: The Essentials

What’s the secret to having great relationships?It’s simple really. Most people look at the other person – whether that be a life partner, relative, friend, colleague, etc. – and they think, “If only this person would change, our relationship would be awesome.”But the secret to having great relationships has nothing to do with changing the other person. The secret is basically this… be the change you wish to see when you’re with the other person.(Yes, we know, we stole that one right out of Gandhi’s playbook. To paraphrase another great thinker, Isaac Newton, we gladly acknowledge that we’re standing on the shoulders of giants!)Choose “Easy”Changing the other person? That’s really hard work and not much in your control. Some would say it’s pretty impossible. Changing yourself so that you attract the response and the relationships you want? That’s much easier. And we’re all for choosing easy!This course guides you along the easier path because it’s about what YOU can do to be awesome in your relationships. We've taken knowledge that has been accumulated by great minds over eons of observing human interactions and condensed it all into several essential principles that you can implement using minimum willpower through the 13×4 System.Here’s what you can expect to get from this course:Increase your awareness of how to be great in your relationships with profoundly easy-to-use thought & action algorithms.Create a vision for each of your most important relationships and imagine best possible outcomes for the challenging ones.Increase your ability to communicate effectively, including becoming a better listener.Use the 13×4 System to put your relationship improvement plan on auto-pilot.  You will have to do the work, but it will take minimum will.Join us to learn and apply the wisdom of some of the greatest minds in the field of self-development to improve, nurture and develop mutually-beneficial and loving relationships with friends, family and professional colleagues. They’ll love you for it!_______________________________________________________________________Feedback about the simplicity and usefulness of the 13×4 System:***** This 13×4 is a roadmap that breaks a big concept down to small, doable pieces…  A lot of people have theory, but not everyone can show you how to actually do something and how to do it your own way.***** Simplicity indeed, just notice what you would have done:  A very well presented method for improving your situation, self and finances or business.  It gives a methodology that can be used by anyone to improve their situation now with minimal effort.  It shows/proves that you are not the sum of your past, but the limitless possibilities of your future.***** Amazing mind mastery that is simple and fun to apply:  The 13 x 4 tool is a practical and simple tool that is applicable to anyone who wants to master a number of things (in this case 13) in a manageable way by focusing on each area for a week. Tom Cassidy and Angela Loeb explain this in a very clear and natural way that keeps you interested and amused! ***** Useful Tool! Highly Recommended:  Thanks!!***** Simple concept, great speaker:The concept 13×4 is very simple. I will review my goals and fit them in this format.   – >> Click for More details…

How To Create Your Own Website (eCommerce) – online training

How To Create Your Own Website (eCommerce)

If you've always wanted to build an E-commerce website for your business, this course is going to teach you exactly what you need to know from start to finish. The Quick Start Website is a step-by-step video tutorial course to help you get your first WordPress website up and running. Who Is This Course For? If you've always wanted to get a E-commerce website for your business then this is going to be the course for you. If you already have a WordPress website and you have some features which you would like to add, but you don't know how to, then this course will help you – I am also happy to make extra tutorials for anything not covered in the course! Beginners who want to get their off-line business on-line It Is Probably Not For You If: You are very proficient with WordPress already, though there is a chance that may learn something new! – >> Click for More details…

How To Start An Online eBook Business To Replace Your Income – online training

How To Start An Online eBook Business To Replace Your Income

Discover how to tap into the $2Billon river of money that is available online this year for eBooks.

…and how to turn your eBook publishing business into a

ongoing business that can be grown to 5 and even 6 figures and beyond.

Imagine being able to write your book once yet get paid for it an autopilot over and over again for years to come…

Imagine being able to find hungry markets of desperate buyers who are ready and waiting to buy the books you create, tell their friends and become ready fans for your second and third book as well.

How would it be if you could completely replace your normal income and even increase it working only a few hours a week from anywhere in the world you choose?

Well now you can with eBook publishing empire.

Written by the team at and… (a $10 Million education business) they reveal some of their power tactics for finding hot markets, researching trends and creating hot, fast selling content that people are desperate for.

You will also discover highly advanced strategies for scientific title and cover design to ensure that your book sells like the last 10 tins of baked beans at the end of the world sale.

· For beginners and advanced alike we walk you through finding the right niche for your book

· or tweaking your knowledge to target it at a hungry market.

· How to quickly and cheaply find all the information you need to create your eBook.

· How to write it in a single weekend (and where to find the right people to write it for you if you can't be bothered to write it yourself)

· Secret tricks to naming your book and designing the perfect cover

· How to market your book

· create buzz

· get people to help you spread the word

· finding free bonuses to incentivize people to buy

· building your own website and blog to sell from and build interest

· using social media to create interest in your book

· how to publish to Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble and other big players

· Our secret tricks to rank inside of Amazon to get your book more eyeballs and sales

· Siphoning traffic from Amazon to your website (and getting paid for it)

· The one thing you need to create ongoing cash injections at the push of a button

· How to get paid

· how to maximize what you get paid

· how to get paid for other people's products

· how to turn your eBook business into a 6 figure ongoing business

· How to turn your business into a 7 figure business…

· How to quickly create other products which you can sell to your fans

· How to master virtual staffing so that other people run most of your business giving you all the free time you want.

· how to avoid legal complications with the inclusion of effective disclaimers and legal templates.

· How to cheaply drive traffic to your website, book or offer to tap new audiences.

· How to drive thousands of targeted buyers to your offer with Google for the loose change in your pocket.

and much, much more…

This course is not designed as “nice” or “useful information”…

Ebook Publishing empire is designed as a comprehensive training program that you follow along with step by step…

…So that at the end of the training you will have…

· a book written

· in a hot selling niche,

· a website,

· a social media presence,

· or self published book ranking in Amazon and…

· your first sales and

· cash in the bank.

Plus you will have a template to create your next project, and your next one…

…each of will have the infrastructure around it to create passive income for years to come!

Aside from the manual you are also getting around 5 hours of comprehensive video training which walks you through each step and demonstrates live examples which you can use to set up your own eBook Publishing Empire.

If you are ready to replace your income and start living life on your own terms then enroll for this training now download the manual and working your way through the videos – taking each step yourself toward your very own profitable and successful eBook Publishing Empire.

Click the Yellow “take this course button” now to get instant access – >> Click for More details…

Develop your CRITICAL THINKING skills – easily! – online training

Develop your CRITICAL THINKING skills - easily!

Are you one of the 9 out of 10 people out there who could do with a brain boost? Falling behind at college because you don't seem to learn as effectively as your peers? Not getting that promotion at work because someone else seems a lot smarter than you? Find yourself making the wrong decisions all the time? Find it difficult to solve problems? Have problems persuading other people? Don't worry. A lot of the above problems really boil down to you being able to think more logically and rationally and being able to present your point across in a clear and convincing way. That's where improving your critical thinking skills is important. Simply put, critical thinking skills help you think better and smarter. Developing your critical thinking skills is not as hard as you might think. In this, one of the comprehensively structured courses in critical thinking, we provide you with a simple and fun way to do just that. Warning – this is not your typical dry academic course in logic and philosophy! We take some elements of logic and philosophy, but are more interested in getting people to apply those ideas in in the real-world. Boost your brainpower in just a few days! How? I explain in very simple terms each key step in the critical thinking process that is designed to build up your confidence as a critical thinker. You'll learn quickly and effectively with easy-to-digest videos that cover basic concepts along with practical examples. What can be better than spending less than 5 minutes each day picking up a new critical thinking concept or idea? You will be using your portfolio of critical skills in no time! And because the videos are small digestible chunks and easily indexed, you can quickly review and remind yourself of what you have learned. I've specifically designed the course in this way so it's like having your own personal library on tap at any time – and remember, you get lifetime access for only US$49! – >> Click for More details…

Stress Management – online training

Stress Management

Say goodbye to Stress forever How would you like to be Stress Free in 7 days? Are you always worrying about life, money, family, or even your health? Do you wake up at around 4am in the morning and then struggle to get back to sleep? Is the merry-go-round of thought in your head, seemingly non-stop? Is your stress affecting your health, your relationships, your career or even your loved ones? Why won’t any of the ‘other’ stress remedies out there help you? What can be done to stop you feeling stressed forever? My name is Damian Mark Smyth, and I am a stress management coach. I am also a teacher and trainer in a field of modern psychology called the ‘Three Principles’. This area of prevention has been proven to work with even the most extreme cases (including in maximum security prisons) and it will give you the freedom you require from stress forever. I should know. I recently went through a divorce and custody battle and came through it completely unscathed. In fact, people were often saying to me how impossibly calm I was throughout the whole thing. You too can learn the secrets about stress that will change your life around so you will no longer have to live with the constant fear, worry and anxiety. You too will be stress-free in 7 days. This course is designed to give you the understanding behind the human operating system and to show you how the process works. As with anything else, once you have an understanding of how a system works, it’s a darn sight easier to then correct it. Think about your car. If you know how it’s put together and functions, it’s a lot easier to fix it when it goes haywire. There are no catches, no tricks, no hidden surprises… all of the ideas in this course are simple to follow and even easier to put into practice. In fact, there is a great deal of ‘doing nothing’ involved. And there’s a very good reason for this: When we listen through what we know, we limit ourselves to what we already know. So I will be asking you to leave what you already know ‘at the door’ before you enter. The reason this programme works and is life changing is BECAUSE it’s different to what you already know. That’s got you to where you are right now – without a solution. This programme IS the solution. So get ready for a life changing seven days, as we get you stress free forever! All the modules in this programme come with an audio download, along with the written version, which means you have the choice of how to use the material. Either way, the course is interactive, so please provide answers to the questions at the bottom of the module. This will help me tailor the understanding that you will be getting to your personal requirements and answer any queries you may have. It will also help me to get a better idea of who you are and how to achieve stress free success quickly and efficiently. The approach outlined within this course is very different to other, more traditional 'stress management' programs. Therefore it is likely that you will have insights and queries that may well need addressing by me – this is an online coaching course as much as an instructional process. – >> Click for More details…

How To Make A Magazine – Create an Apple Newsstand Magazine – online training

How To Make A Magazine - Create an Apple Newsstand Magazine

You can now join 200+ digital publishers in this course showing you step by step how to publish a magazine on the Apple iOS Newsstand. Great changes are happening in the digital publishing world. People are changing their reading habits; they are consuming information in different ways and when it comes to magazines, readers want the latest issues delivered instantly to their digital devices. They also want a wider choice and realize they can access magazines from around the globe, instantly. These changes are just the beginning of a new world in publishing, content creation and distribution, and this course will ensure you are in the right place to be at the forefront with publishing to mobile devices and tablets. Digital Publishing Made Easy This digital magazine publishing course is a one of a kind complete step by step solution for companies or individuals who want to publish their own magazines on the Apple Newsstand. This course makes it a simple process to take an existing magazine and produce a complete digital magazine that can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Newsstand. All you need to get started is a PDF of your magazine. You can then follow the course videos to turn your PDF's into digital magazines. If you can create MS Word, MS Powerpoint, Pages or Keynote files…. you can save those as PDF files and get started right away. The creation process has been broken down into simple steps so that anyone can follow the video tutorials, download the template app and produce a magazine within in less than a day. Once you have a place to store your digital files online (Website, Amazon S3 account etc..) there is ZERO cost going forward. Everything you need is free! A stark contrast to services like PageSuite, Magcast, Mag+ and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Let's answer a few Digital Magazine questions … I am not a Magazine Publisher. Can I benefit from this course? The playing fields have been levelled. No longer do you need to have an existing magazine and a mountain of cash to develop a magazine and get it published. If you have a website, Blog or produce a newsletter… in fact, if you publish just about any content at all you can build your own magazine and get it published on iPhones and iPads. Take a look on the newsstand right now and you will see there are new magazines focused on the tiniest of niches that are gaining huge readership numbers. You can do the same. Does This Mean I Have To Create Lots Of Content? No! A great feature of making a digital magazine is that there are no limitations on what you can publish. Forget duplicate content penalties! You can repurpose all of your own existing material in you magazine(s). Think about it… Your magazine sits behing Apple's iTune store… You are not producing a website here, you are producing a magazine. You can publish what ever you like. Why would I want to publish a magazine on the iPad or iPhone? You no doubt know that being able to write and publish a digital book (think Kindle) is a fantastic way to help boost your own credibility and establish yourself as a leader in your field. Well what do you think owning a magazine will do? You build yourself a platform from which you can not only reach your audience on a regular basis (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) but also have the opportunity to bring in other experts to produce content for you. Who controls the magazine? One of the beauties of publishing a magazine using the processes highlight in this course will mean you own the complete end to end solution. There are many digital magazine solutions out there for you to choose from, but what they don't tell you is that once you start using their platform, you are stuck with them going forward and they often take a cut of you magazine profits. Not to mention the ongoing high fees they charge. This course leave you in full control of your own digital magazine solution. You own it and you get to keep 100%% of the income. Do I need to purchase any software to create the Digital Magazine? Absolutely not. There are some costs involved but these are for things like joining the Apple Developer Program ($99 per year – everyone has to do this to be able to sell app's and magazines on iTunes) and hosting you magazine files online (from as little as $3 per month). This course will show you step by step how to use existing software tools that nearly everyone already own to create the Newsstand files. One of the key goals when creating this course was to make sure you don't have to spend any money on software tools to get started. Do I have to have any programming experience? Absolutely not. All you need is to produce a PDF. From there just follow along with the video instructions. Can I ask for Support? Most definitely. You can ask as many questions as you wish and Pete will answer. Do I need a Mac to do the course? Ideally yes, but it is not absolutely necessarily. The course also includes a section on how you can rent a virtual Mac online for just a few dollars. Can I add interactivity to the magazine? Yes you can. If you know anything about HTML or are able to create HTML5 web pages, you will love this course. Anything you can do on a web page you can add into your magazines…. Videos, Audio, Interactive elements, javascript, transitions, social integration…. this list just goes on and on. ********************************************** You'll Learn How to design your magazine so it fit perfectly on the iPad. How to structure your magazine pages to take advantage of the Barker Framework magazine Index navigation functionality. How to make simple tweak to your pages for dramatic effects. How to store your magazine issues online for easy downline by your magazine app. How easy it is for you to add as many back issues of your magazine as you wish. Fast magazine creation techniques and what pitfalls to look out for. The easy way to create you apps on iTunesConnect. How to setup free magazine subscriptions. Important testing techniques to makes sure you magazine looks awesome on the iPad before releasing it live. How to track down bugs and test out changes super super fast. The various Baker Framework configurations options to make you magazines work in lanscape and portrait modes. Learn how to turn on page zooming SPECIAL BONUSES As a special bonus, you will get access to Pete's very own magazine issue creation software that lets you create your magazine issues in under 2 minute! Saving hours and hours of time. This app is currently in development and will be release as soon as the final bugs are ironed out. If you want a pre-release, just ask once you have signed up! Once enough people are on-board, you will get access to a special Publishers online community where you can share ideas, tricks and techniques to make the most out of you magazines. So what are you waiting for? If you have any questions you need answered before signing-up, send Pete a message here on Udemy or on facebook – I want you to feel 100%% confident in this course so you are assured that you will get the best results you can get. I look forward to seeing you inside the course. Get Started Today! – >> Click for More details…

How To Run Your Business On Cloud Systems – online training

How To Run Your Business On Cloud Systems

Learn the principles and 'blueprint' to running a lean, cost-effective company on Internet-based business systems and tools, from a working entrepreneur, former CIO and professional 'explainer.'”Cloud Computing” is more than a buzzword. All of the systems required to run a company are available now.  The huge time-and-cost roadblock of old fashioned IT is gone – for the companies that grab the opportunity.  This course will teach you how.My aim in this course is to give business owners a blueprint for building and running their business on SaaS (“Software as a Service”) solutions. It's not a technical course for cloud-computing IT professionals. It's a pragmatic approach to evaluating, selecting and running cloud systems for business use.Some technical terms are unavoidable, so by design, the course materials are all visual, to help grasp the concepts and connections even if the terms are unfamiliar.  When I mention specific companies and services, it's not a 'commercial endorsement' – it's my opinion, based on firsthand use.You won't find this approach to business cloud-computing spelled out in any single book, because I haven't written it yet.  I run two successful businesses this way, with a business partner and employees.  We've made mistakes, refined, evaluated and learned the hard way.  Watching these lessons will, I hope, save you a few years of the same challenges and let you focus on your business!This is just a better way to get systems that support running and growing business.  If you don't agree, or if it doesn't work for your specific business, contact me within 30 days and I'll happily refund your course fee.   – >> Click for More details…

Happy Relationships: What Are Twin Flames & Soul Mates? – online training

Happy Relationships: What Are Twin Flames & Soul Mates?

Are you tired of mediocre relationships?Is your soul longing for more depth and meaning in your relationships?Then this course is for you!This course is not for you if you are looking to collect phone numbers or want to find sexual partners.When you're done with this course, you will know exactly what you want from a relationship and what you can offer (it's not what you think). **********************************************************“Your words have removed a veil.” Estelita**********************************************************You will know what's realistic and what's pure fantasy. You will get grounded and practical advice so you can be a deliberate creator of a divine relationship that will be the example for all your friends to follow.**********************************************************“I love all your scientific explanations about this topic.” LisMarys**********************************************************You will learn about the importance of your chakra system and receive 'aha' inspiring insights as to why you've been attracting the partners you've been attracting until now.You will also learn about male DNA ending up in women's brains – how to stop taking on other people's karma and what true, divine and sacred sexuality is.We are on an evolutionary path and each of us are called to higher ground, more purity, more purpose, transparency and more integrity in our relationships. Why then is it so hard to find a truly compatible partner?This course will examine the difference between twin flames (twin souls), soul mates, and divine relationships.**********************************************************“You just saved me from repeating the same mistakes in falling for the wrong person. This is indeed a time of acceleration of evolution.” Olivia X.**********************************************************There are four reasons and types of relationships, with the last one being the most coveted and most sought-after and most desired. But do you have what it takes to create such a divine relationship that will stand the test of time?Find out by taking this jam-packed course right now.This course features videos, audios, PowerPoint presentations, slide shows and several bonuses featuring other experts on the topic.I have a huge following on my YouTube channel with 15,000 subscribers and over 2 million views, hundreds of videos and podcasts, all about creating divine relationships. I also wrote the book, Quantum Love: Twin Flames – Myth or Reality? – >> Click for More details…