Pranayama Breathwork & Mudras to Purify, Balance & Energize Your Mind, Body & Spirit

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Discover the power and the potential of mystical hand gestures known as mudras.

Our entire lives — from beginning to end — are based on breath. 

As we’re born, we inhale, and as we die, we exhale. 

Back as far as the first millennium, Taoists and Hindus wrote about the vital element flowing through our bodies as a type of energy or “internal breath” known as both Qi and prana. 

Prana refers to the universal life force and ayama means to lengthen and regulate. 

Pranayama yoga was the first doctrine to stress that respiratory control and modulated breathing was essential to the health of the mind and body.

Pranayama will relax you if you’re feeling over-stimulated, and energize you if you’re feeling listless and worn out. 

Nubia Teixeira, yogini, author, and classical Indian Odissi dancer, will demonstrate how using pranayama breathing techniques, along with mudras — the art of using your hands to create a flow of energy in the body — will help purify, heal, and energize you.

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With Pranayama Breathwork & Mudras <<

Purify, Balance & Energize Your Mind, Body & Spirit With Pranayama Breathwork & Mudras with Nubia Teixeira

In this free, energizing 60-minute event, you’ll discover: 

  • Why modulated breathing is essential to wellbeing
  • Ways to relax and rebalance your nervous system
  • The 4 phases of a breath — and what each phase represents
  • How mudras will awaken and empower the mystical and the spiritual
  • How yogic bandhas will activate and balance the inner organs and glands of the body

You’ll see why doing mudras and pranayamas in tandem can help you release emotional and energetic knots in your body.

More than anything, you’ll experience how breathwork grounds you, helping you become more stable so you can face life’s challenges with grace.

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In Purify, Balance & Energize Your Mind, Body & Spirit With Pranayama Breathwork & Mudras, you’ll clean and enlighten your energy channels for better health and greater peace of mind — using pranayama breathing techniques and mystical hand gestures known as mudras.