Public Speaking Secrets 101-Overcome Fear of Public Speaking – online training

Public Speaking Secrets 101-Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
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How To Get Started This multi-media course, The Secrets of Successful Speech Making for the first time presenter, offers a comprehensive, flexible set of course materials. You may wish to watch the entire videos first, and then watch it again with your online Workbook. Wear comfortable clothes, and have paper and pencil ready, so that you can pause the video and work on the exercises at your own pace. Each topic is clearly explained and demonstrated on the videos, and accompanied in the online Workbook with suggested exercises, practice tips, and checklists. The course is filled with practical information about conducting a sound check, voice warm-ups, and reminders that will help you avoid common public-speaking missteps. As you gain more experience, jot down observations about what worked, what didn’t, and what ideas you may have for future presentations. As you look at your earlier notes, you’ll be amazed at the obstacles you’ve overcome! Designed so you can study at your own pace, implementing these methods and practices will help you achieve a more confident level of speaking. >> More details…