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Quantum computing takes advantage of curious and often baffling quantum effects that become visible at the subatomic level of the physical world around us.

QubitLife aka QubitTech was founded by a group of independent experts in algorithmic and traditional asset management methods.

QubitTech Fin-Tech Company Presentation

As of today, cryptocurrency market allows Qubit Tech to generate profit unmatched by the operations on traditional markets through the application of complex traditional and non-traditional methods of market data analysis, algorithmic trading systems and traditional methods of asset management.

The development ideology of Qubit Tech implies creating its own unified ecosystem based on quantum technologies, investing its financial and human resources to support business growth of developing companies offering unique products or technologies, as well as to help accelerate development of the quantum computing industry.

The main mission of Qubit Tech is to provide retail investors with an effective way to invest cryptocurrency assets based on the use of quantum computing technologies and margin trading methods.

Merge science with mega bucks… and it’s groundbreaking!

But, sometimes visionaries and investors on the verge of success need someone to lead the way.
We use cutting-edge tech to do all of that for you. We are QubitTech!
Innovative trading made easy.
We use the power of quantum tech to get the max out of the process.
QubitTech is a fintech company, which is using quantum technology to achieve the best results in algorithmic trading.
The mission of QubitTech is to create and make a positive impact worldwide.
QubitTech is an innovative company that introduces technology, specifically quantum technology, to offer better products and better services using the power of quantum technology. No more trading blind or taking chances on R&D.
We will help you choose the right path for your investment capital. We are pioneers of the digital world, making quantum tech count for you when it comes to Crypto.
Currently, QubitTech offer API trading robots that trade outside of quantum computing ecosystem, and we also have a way to participate with these robots and subscribe for trading signals provided by professional team of traders inside of the platform, get new cashback license, get discount for buying real estate, cars, travel as part of corporate license and more services through purchasing a digital license.
QubitTech have a roadmap in which we are overtime introducing various quantum-related technologies to provide better business solutions.
One example – high-frequency trading using quantum technology to provide more accurate and better returns in the portfolios of cryptocurrencies.
We are more than just a trading company. We believe in the future of blockchain. We bring you the best of innovation and industry needs… In constant search of new products and approaches to move our world forward.
We’ve been able to expand our product base just from the core quantum trading robots into other areas.
So, taking the application, for example, into the telephonic community…
We have now developed a platform where you can work between friends, and with Bitcoin and Ethereum…
On a pure person to person, peer to peer basis. We are also moving into the areas of the gaming space.
We trust our partners, and they trust us back.  No wonder – for us, security and privacy are the utmost priority.
At QubitTech, we are confident in our experts, our innovations. We put the best of what we’ve learned back into protecting our community.
QubitTech is introducing new methods to create what we refer to as quantum resisting technologies. That, therefore, introduces better blockchain protection mechanisms. Our success has been quick, but it’s all down to hard work. Tens of thousands worldwide have already joined our ranks since we burst into the digital market. Our community has fallen in love with this technology. More than we could’ve ever imagined. And they pass that passion on to the people below them.
And it becomes infectious. And so, I think this has been the main driving force by via we are accelerating way past our competitors at this point.

It’s time to take the lead… (use VPN if page not opening)

Embrace our expertise, the technology and back yourself!

QubitTech has kick-started our platform in the Gulf Tiger city.
So, we’re here in Dubai, this is the official launch of QubitTech. I don’t believe that we thought we were actually going to make it here because of all that’s going on… But we did it! We have over a hundred and fifty people from all over the globe that have come here. We chose Dubai because it’s a beautiful city, they have a beautiful culture here, there is a lot to do, and that was a counterpoint for us. The innovative city of the future…. [Excerpt from header video transcript]

Watch Video from Grand Opening in Dubai October 1-4, made at Skydive Dubai where brave QubitTech Leaders/Partners/Affiliates made Tandem Jumps

The main goal of QubitLife is to reach company’s capitalization value of $ 10 billion by 2025, as well as to become an acknowledged leader in applying quantum computing to the various areas of finance and asset management.

QubitLife already uses the advantages of quantum technologies, gaining a serious advantage over the competition by adopting quantum neural networks data processing and applying computing power of quantum algorithms. Such implementation allowed to significantly improve the accuracy of analytical data acquired used for development, set up and adjustments of algorithmic systems, and as well as generally improve the efficiency of asset management departments.

Quibit.Life team is paying a lot of attention to the quickly approaching era of quantum computers. The company is exploring the nuances of post-quantum cryptography and impact that quantum computing can have on the Blockchain and digital asset industries.

TEAM: Among fundamental factors towards achieving the success of any company, the professional team is being one of the main pillars. Only professional experience allows to adequately determine the most effective strategy for the company’s development, competent and timely application of advanced technologies, as well as identify the key needs of the market and its customers QubitLife team is paying a lot of attention to the quickly approaching era of quantum computers. The company is exploring the nuances of post-quantum cryptography and the impact that quantum computing can have on the Blockchain and digital asset industries.

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Some Pros to consider:

  • Swiss fund have invested $37M in QubitTech (now QubitLife ecosystem).
  • Quantum Computing is trending tech niche in years to come.
  • Professional star team knowing what they are doing and where to go next.
  • Perfectly done website, membership panel and well thought marketing.
  • Passive and active income plans.
  • Top Cryptocurrency supported BTC; ETH; USDT.
  • Offline offices supported.
  • Ambitious plans well described in white paper.
  • Transparency in documentation as well as their trading analytics and reports.
  • Team is working hard supporting, educating and inspiring leaders & members.
  • Company is Audited and Insured.
  • Investing in partners and their personal and professional growth.
  • Developing and adding new services growing their ecosystem.
  • Next-Gen 5th Blockchain (QCHAIN) Development with Token QDT
  • Venture co-investment program
  • Membership Discount 30-70% for buying real estate, car, travel and more…
  • Worldwide exclusive travel programs, tours, expeditions…
  • Growing range of services like p2p exchange and blockchain powered lotto inside of own ecosystem
  • Exclusive Personal growth, self-improvement events, crypto trading, sales and marketing live training.

We did not found anything considered as Cons so we would recommend it to your serious consideration as and investment opportunity.

Show Must Go On! Watch (listen) Company Anthem

…This will have Huge Success the way its develops right now!

Watch the CEO of QuibitTech Greg Limon
Quick Info Webinar on latest company news.

Whitepaper excerpt:

New Opportunities Available Since Company Grand Opening Announcement made

How Corporate Licenses work? Platform Members offered to get real estate and cars at discount up to 70% Off (in 5 months)

Whilst modern-day computers are truly remarkable, there are still some problems that are so complex, that they become impossible to process using traditional technology approaches, despite all the technological progress demonstrated by the industry. Quantum computing can help us change this in our favor, opening new opportunities to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems in areas of national security, climate change, forecasting of economic models and asset management, financial and cyber-security and of course learning and education.

Although quantum computing is relatively new in the public eye, the benefits of and principles involved have been discussed in scientific circles for over 30 years. Unlike a traditional computer, which uses information stored in bits as 0’s and 1’s; a quantum system uses qubits. A qubit can be thought of a little like a closed box, inside which there is a light that is constantly changing color.

When the box is opened the color freezes and you see one color, but when it is closed, the light (although we know it is changing) could be any one of the many possible colors. The chances of seeing a red light or a blue light become a matter of probability governed by multiple factors and is called superposition state. – in which we can say that the light is a superposition of all colors at the same time.

This is the subject of the famous ‘Schrodinger’s cat’. Scientist Erwin Schrodinger (a Nobel Prize-winning Austrian-Irish physicist who developed a number of fundamental results in quantum theory) stated that a cat in a closed box is both dead ‘and’ alive until you open the box to find out. Sometimes referred to as the uncertainty principle. When more than one qubit is reliably connected to another, the qubits are said to be entangled.

This makes the qubits a powerful tool in solving extremely difficult mathematical problems that would be normally considered exponential or intractable in nature. Intractable simply means difficult, or that the more variables involved the possible answers increase not by one or two but perhaps by millions and billions. Problems like recognizing faces in digital images, graphic templates and formations, planning routes and modelling the galaxies all have inherent difficulties that quantum computing will help to solve.

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