How To Run Your Business On Cloud Systems – online training

How To Run Your Business On Cloud Systems
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Learn the principles and 'blueprint' to running a lean, cost-effective company on Internet-based business systems and tools, from a working entrepreneur, former CIO and professional 'explainer.'”Cloud Computing” is more than a buzzword. All of the systems required to run a company are available now.  The huge time-and-cost roadblock of old fashioned IT is gone – for the companies that grab the opportunity.  This course will teach you how.My aim in this course is to give business owners a blueprint for building and running their business on SaaS (“Software as a Service”) solutions. It's not a technical course for cloud-computing IT professionals. It's a pragmatic approach to evaluating, selecting and running cloud systems for business use.Some technical terms are unavoidable, so by design, the course materials are all visual, to help grasp the concepts and connections even if the terms are unfamiliar.  When I mention specific companies and services, it's not a 'commercial endorsement' – it's my opinion, based on firsthand use.You won't find this approach to business cloud-computing spelled out in any single book, because I haven't written it yet.  I run two successful businesses this way, with a business partner and employees.  We've made mistakes, refined, evaluated and learned the hard way.  Watching these lessons will, I hope, save you a few years of the same challenges and let you focus on your business!This is just a better way to get systems that support running and growing business.  If you don't agree, or if it doesn't work for your specific business, contact me within 30 days and I'll happily refund your course fee.   >> More details…