How To Start An Online eBook Business To Replace Your Income – online training

How To Start An Online eBook Business To Replace Your Income
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Discover how to tap into the $2Billon river of money that is available online this year for eBooks.

…and how to turn your eBook publishing business into a

ongoing business that can be grown to 5 and even 6 figures and beyond.

Imagine being able to write your book once yet get paid for it an autopilot over and over again for years to come…

Imagine being able to find hungry markets of desperate buyers who are ready and waiting to buy the books you create, tell their friends and become ready fans for your second and third book as well.

How would it be if you could completely replace your normal income and even increase it working only a few hours a week from anywhere in the world you choose?

Well now you can with eBook publishing empire.

Written by the team at and… (a $10 Million education business) they reveal some of their power tactics for finding hot markets, researching trends and creating hot, fast selling content that people are desperate for.

You will also discover highly advanced strategies for scientific title and cover design to ensure that your book sells like the last 10 tins of baked beans at the end of the world sale.

· For beginners and advanced alike we walk you through finding the right niche for your book

· or tweaking your knowledge to target it at a hungry market.

· How to quickly and cheaply find all the information you need to create your eBook.

· How to write it in a single weekend (and where to find the right people to write it for you if you can't be bothered to write it yourself)

· Secret tricks to naming your book and designing the perfect cover

· How to market your book

· create buzz

· get people to help you spread the word

· finding free bonuses to incentivize people to buy

· building your own website and blog to sell from and build interest

· using social media to create interest in your book

· how to publish to Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble and other big players

· Our secret tricks to rank inside of Amazon to get your book more eyeballs and sales

· Siphoning traffic from Amazon to your website (and getting paid for it)

· The one thing you need to create ongoing cash injections at the push of a button

· How to get paid

· how to maximize what you get paid

· how to get paid for other people's products

· how to turn your eBook business into a 6 figure ongoing business

· How to turn your business into a 7 figure business…

· How to quickly create other products which you can sell to your fans

· How to master virtual staffing so that other people run most of your business giving you all the free time you want.

· how to avoid legal complications with the inclusion of effective disclaimers and legal templates.

· How to cheaply drive traffic to your website, book or offer to tap new audiences.

· How to drive thousands of targeted buyers to your offer with Google for the loose change in your pocket.

and much, much more…

This course is not designed as “nice” or “useful information”…

Ebook Publishing empire is designed as a comprehensive training program that you follow along with step by step…

…So that at the end of the training you will have…

· a book written

· in a hot selling niche,

· a website,

· a social media presence,

· or self published book ranking in Amazon and…

· your first sales and

· cash in the bank.

Plus you will have a template to create your next project, and your next one…

…each of will have the infrastructure around it to create passive income for years to come!

Aside from the manual you are also getting around 5 hours of comprehensive video training which walks you through each step and demonstrates live examples which you can use to set up your own eBook Publishing Empire.

If you are ready to replace your income and start living life on your own terms then enroll for this training now download the manual and working your way through the videos – taking each step yourself toward your very own profitable and successful eBook Publishing Empire.

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