Connect w/ Your Ancestral Lineage & Explore Ori – Divine Consciousness within

shapeshift your ancestral story and map out a new way of being in the world, with consciousness, awareness, and intentionality

Once you connect to your ancestors (both blood and cultural), you’ll discover their stories from long ago — the ones you’ve been unknowingly living out in your life today – that have kept you from fulfilling your destiny. You have an ancestral inheritance from a larger cultural family than you might be aware of, made up of kindred spirits whose life experiences are similar to yours.

You can then heal the trauma within these stories you were born into and uncover the story you were meant to live, courageously bringing it into existence — so your transformation moves beyond you and into our world, becoming part of the global shift in consciousness.

Unlock Wisdom Held in Your Family Lineage – Decode Ancestral DNA

invisible yet powerful inheritance is what makes up your emotional DNA

Judy Wilkins-Smith, a highly regarded, profoundly wise, and delightful coach and trainer in the field of Systemic Work & Constellations, can help you recognize the living patterns of ancestral DNA within you… and show you how to use those limitations as a launching pad to manifest a remarkable life.

Forgiving Ancestors Guided Practice to Communicate w/ Mother & Father line

Experience a guided practice to communicate with your mother and father line

According to holistic healer and spiritual counselor Natalia O’Sullivan, your ancestral shadows often harbor the gifts that you’ve hidden away… oftentimes, to create a personal sense of belonging or to help others feel that they are enough.

Natalia teaches that all of our conscious and subconscious patterns form the basis of our ancestral inheritance and legacy — that which we genetically received and were programmed to be, and that which we pass on.

Conflict Resolution: How To Resolve Conflict With Your Spouse – online training

Conflict Resolution:How To Resolve Conflict With Your Spouse

Resolving conflict in marriage is not easy. But it can be done. Do you remember the last time you argued with your spouse about which TV show to watch,These conflicts are likely to happen during the first few months or years of your marriage.Conflict is inevitable. Conflict in marriage can lead to communication problems, usually leaves bad feelings like anger, resentment, revenge, and can even cause a divorce to happen.Hence, having conflicts with your spouse every day is not good for your marriage.The more conflicts you have with your spouse, the more likely you are to argue, fight, and not be happy with your marriage.Join this course to help you truly resolve conflict, not just battle it out. – >> Click for More details…