Discover why Egyptian Pharaohs Viewed Mushrooms as ‘the Plant of Immortality’

Discover Mushrooms’ Nutritional & Medicinal Superpowers for Body, Mind & Spirit

In Mushrooms as Medicine: Discover the Science-Based, Practical Benefits Mushrooms Add to Your Diet, Healing Regimen & Spiritual Evolution with Dr. Christopher Hobbs, you’ll learn how mushrooms are a cost-effective, enjoyable, yet highly experiential superfood that can help ward off disease, keep your immune system strong, sharpen your cognitive skills, and, in some cases, heighten your consciousness and lead to a deeply meaningful spiritual experience.

Discover How to Reveal the Origins of Your own Health and Life Issues

Using Your Medical Intuition to Create Enduring Healing with Tina Zion

In Using Your Medical Intuition to Create Enduring Healing: How to Reveal, Release & Remedy the Energetic Root Causes Beneath Illness & Life Challenges with Tina Zion you’ll discover why lifelong healing must first happen on an energetic, non-physical level — and begin releasing and healing a current physical or emotional pain by discerning when it originated through a powerful body scan.