Valentine’s Day – Tantra Touch – Masterclass (Free)

Join & Learn - Tantra Touch - Valentine's Day - Free online event

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Mindvalley has something special to offer to those who are looking for a perfect surprise for their loved ones (or even themselves!). Introducing Tantra Touch – the path to intimacy and extasy. It’s a tool to discover your true sexual nature, unlock profound levels of love, intimacy & pleasure and learn Tantra in 7 Weeks. >> More details…

How To Discover and Fulfill Your Destiny – online training

How To Discover and Fulfill Your Destiny

Is it possible that there are no accidents and coincidences in the universe? That you're given just what you need…right when you need it? This course is for you if you have experienced or are experiencing any of the following: -You feel a longing within you to serve in a significant way -You are unsatisfied with your current job or career path -You want closer more fulfilling relationships -Your ready for a change in your current lifestyle -You have goals and dreams but don't know how to make them a reality -You feel stuck where you are and aren't sure how to break through the obstacles -You don't have as much money as you would like to accomplish what you desire -You feel overworked, undervalued, and are ready to experience a profound change According to a scientific study conducted at the Rush University Medical Center, discovering and following a greater purpose in life is associated with lower mortality rates. This is just one study amongst thousands of others that show how knowing and participating in your purpose/destiny can eliminate depression, anxiety, and an unsatisfactory lifestyle. In this course you will learn how to easily and effortlessly discover and fulfill your destiny. You will be taught specific tools and techniques to discover and align with your purpose, manifest your desires, and become at peace with who you truly are –an amazing spiritual being. The course includes integrative meditations which bring together relaxing visuals, affirmations, and on screen guidance. These meditations give you the opportunity to relax very deeply and helps to alter negative subconscious beliefs. The back bone of this course incorporates a spiritual outlook on The Law of Attraction that guides you to attract and bring about what you truly want. This course is recommended to be taken as a 12 week course, with each lesson taking about a week to complete. However, it is only a recommendation and the course can be completed at your own pace. Each lesson contains: -A 10-20 minute spoken lesson designed to introduce and simplify the main topic. -A creative workbook to enhance your experience of the lessons topic. The workbook gives you the opportunity to experience the lesson firsthand with powerful questions and activities. -An Integrative Meditation to guide you into relaxation and inner calm. While in a relaxed state, you will affirm the information you learned so your subconscious can begin to change it's negative belief patterns. I invite you to consider how this course could change your experience of life and the understanding of who you truly are. Why Is It Important To Discover and Fulfill My Destiny? All we ever have is the present moment. We no longer have yesterday and the future is but a glimmer of maybes and what if's. There is more to life than the everyday routines and the conditioned behavior patterns within you. There are powerful aspects of yourself that give you the opportunity to express your role as a creator in your own life. By taking the first step to discover and fulfill your destiny you are making a statement to the universe that your ready for a change. This one step can make a substantial difference in your lifelong happiness levels, the kind of happiness that comes from within and is unlimited and infinite. – >> Click for More details…

Stress Management – online training

Stress Management

Say goodbye to Stress forever How would you like to be Stress Free in 7 days? Are you always worrying about life, money, family, or even your health? Do you wake up at around 4am in the morning and then struggle to get back to sleep? Is the merry-go-round of thought in your head, seemingly non-stop? Is your stress affecting your health, your relationships, your career or even your loved ones? Why won’t any of the ‘other’ stress remedies out there help you? What can be done to stop you feeling stressed forever? My name is Damian Mark Smyth, and I am a stress management coach. I am also a teacher and trainer in a field of modern psychology called the ‘Three Principles’. This area of prevention has been proven to work with even the most extreme cases (including in maximum security prisons) and it will give you the freedom you require from stress forever. I should know. I recently went through a divorce and custody battle and came through it completely unscathed. In fact, people were often saying to me how impossibly calm I was throughout the whole thing. You too can learn the secrets about stress that will change your life around so you will no longer have to live with the constant fear, worry and anxiety. You too will be stress-free in 7 days. This course is designed to give you the understanding behind the human operating system and to show you how the process works. As with anything else, once you have an understanding of how a system works, it’s a darn sight easier to then correct it. Think about your car. If you know how it’s put together and functions, it’s a lot easier to fix it when it goes haywire. There are no catches, no tricks, no hidden surprises… all of the ideas in this course are simple to follow and even easier to put into practice. In fact, there is a great deal of ‘doing nothing’ involved. And there’s a very good reason for this: When we listen through what we know, we limit ourselves to what we already know. So I will be asking you to leave what you already know ‘at the door’ before you enter. The reason this programme works and is life changing is BECAUSE it’s different to what you already know. That’s got you to where you are right now – without a solution. This programme IS the solution. So get ready for a life changing seven days, as we get you stress free forever! All the modules in this programme come with an audio download, along with the written version, which means you have the choice of how to use the material. Either way, the course is interactive, so please provide answers to the questions at the bottom of the module. This will help me tailor the understanding that you will be getting to your personal requirements and answer any queries you may have. It will also help me to get a better idea of who you are and how to achieve stress free success quickly and efficiently. The approach outlined within this course is very different to other, more traditional 'stress management' programs. Therefore it is likely that you will have insights and queries that may well need addressing by me – this is an online coaching course as much as an instructional process. – >> Click for More details…

How To Lose 19.8 lbs In 21 Days – online training

How To Lose 19.8 lbs In 21 Days

 I Lost 100 lbs in 106 DaysCan you do that too?  Maybe, but even if you do a fraction of what I did you'd be pretty happy wouldn't you?  This is a detailed day by day guide showing you exactly:What to eatWhen to eat itWhat to do for strength trainingWhen to do strength trainingWhat to do for cardio trainingWhen to do cardio trainingHow to keep focusedHow to stay motivatedThis 21 day program is a proven system that I used to lose my weight.  I started at 340 lbs and finished at 240 lbs.  It took me 106 days to do this.  But this is a shorter version so that you can see results quickly and experience what it's like to finally lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss is a mindset and a lifestyle change.  You can do it all on your own, but it's not easy.  We go through the 4 pillars of weight loss and you get accountability to the group on our Facebook Page too.3 Levels To Choose FromWe offer 3 levels for you since we understand that everyone is different, has a different situation and different comfort levels.  Not to mention some have never lifted a weight in their lives so showing them a program where they have to go into a gym and “pump iron” would be not be a good idea!  So we set out 3 levels as follows, you get to pick which one suits you best:Beginner:  This is for people who have never been in a gym, have no interest in lifting weights and want to take it a bit slower to get started.  There is nothing wrong with this level, a lot of people will choose this.Intermediate:  This is for people who might have a gym membership, may have taken a step class or aerobics class in the past and are keen to move a little faster then the beginner level.Advanced:  This is the level that was done to achieve 100 lbs lost in 106 days.  It involves jogging and free weight training.  If you have experience in the gym or want to experience the gym, this is for you.  (We do suggest purchasing a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger at this level, it is available in book stores and on, it's optional to buy as well but explains free weight exercises better then we could ever do).The videos walk you through each level and how to choose the one for you.  You can switch levels at anytime too, so if you start at the beginner level and are feeling motivated, you jump to the other levels at anytime.The First “Online Trainer”Think of the class as your own online trainer.  If you can follow simple instructions you can do this.  You don't need to pay someone big bucks to lose weight.  Don't bother following expensive programs that are just out to empty your wallet.  This works and is proven by me.Do It With A BuddyIt's been proven that when you lose weight with a buddy you tend to have more success.  So we do encourage you to do the program with a buddy.  HOWEVER you can think of the group as your online weight loss support buddies.Ready to finally get off the weight loss and gain rollercoaster?Take the program now. – >> Click for More details…

Learn to be an Animator. Part 1. “Good habits” – online training

Learn to be an Animator. Part 1. "Good habits"

  During this course, by repeating exercises, explained in the Videos, Students will learn Animation Work Flow by using:Projects.Incremental save.Graph Editor as their main Animation tool, working with splines and tangents.Time Slider and Copy/Past/Delete functions.Drag and Drop ToolExtremes and Breakdowns  When Students will be required to download Animation models (rigs), they will be provided with direct links to those models.  It should take from 1 to 2 weeks to complete the course.”Learn to be an Animator” is 100%video, easy to follow, step by step instructions of gradually increasing complexity. students are required to repeat the manipulations while they watch the video, and then practice on their own several times before taking another video. It consists of two sections. Preparatory procedures: making projects, learning to Save, undo, delete/copy/paste etc.Animation Exercises with pendulums of increasing complexity.This Course is a no-nonsense approach to Animation technique, taught at deliberately slow pace. All the tools are introduced one by one, giving Students plenty of opportunity to practice them. – >> Click for More details…

Public Speaking Secrets 101-Overcome Fear of Public Speaking – online training

Public Speaking Secrets 101-Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

How To Get Started This multi-media course, The Secrets of Successful Speech Making for the first time presenter, offers a comprehensive, flexible set of course materials. You may wish to watch the entire videos first, and then watch it again with your online Workbook. Wear comfortable clothes, and have paper and pencil ready, so that you can pause the video and work on the exercises at your own pace. Each topic is clearly explained and demonstrated on the videos, and accompanied in the online Workbook with suggested exercises, practice tips, and checklists. The course is filled with practical information about conducting a sound check, voice warm-ups, and reminders that will help you avoid common public-speaking missteps. As you gain more experience, jot down observations about what worked, what didn’t, and what ideas you may have for future presentations. As you look at your earlier notes, you’ll be amazed at the obstacles you’ve overcome! Designed so you can study at your own pace, implementing these methods and practices will help you achieve a more confident level of speaking. – >> Click for More details…

Running successful Webinars on a Shoestring – online training

Running successful Webinars on a Shoestring

Running successful Webinars on a Shoestring- while making a residual income If you run any kind of business, webinars are a great way to build your credibility and customer rapport. Even if you do not presently run a business, you can still do webinars. Then you would be doing it just for fun. Whatever your intention is in running webinars, they are a great resource to earning additional income by showing and/or telling others about something you know and love. Whichever way you look at it, it's all about giving and sharing information with your audience. Helping them to get answers to problems they may have, or learning something of value to them. While webinars are often used as a sales promotion tool, ultimately it is about giving value. In this course, I am taking you through the whole process from beginning to end, thus enabling you to run your own webinars afterwards. And I am giving you tips and ideas of how to do this 'on a shoestring', for free or at very minimal outlay to you. The course consists of: 13 video sessions in varying lengths 13 handouts for note-taking 4 additional bonus PDF's – >> Click for More details…

Platform Yourself: How To Make It Big Using Social Media – online training

Platform Yourself: How To Make It Big Using Social Media

This day in age there are
so many social media sites and so many people on them that it becomes
overwhelming, to say the least. Have you ever looked at the average user? Most
are trying to make a social media presence for themselves, or have
tried, and barely succeeded, even after years of work. Have you seen a few with
such a massive presence that you figured they had to cheat to get there?

Well with Platform
Yourself, you will see that they didn't cheat, they just used what few people
consider, or even know about, to get them to where they are today.

That is my goal with
Platform Yourself. To give back everything I know and learned along the way, so
you too can get out of the average users wasteland and rise up among the ranks
of the social media world.

This social
media management course will work for anything, from social media to your
website. Heck, it works for basically any business. There are many things
people over look when starting to build their platform. Whether you want to
sell books, products, your services or you are just looking to make a splash
online. Platform Yourself will teach you all the tools to get your there.

Through the 8 P's of
Platform Yourself you will learn how to create a massive social
media presence and continue to do so for years to come. While others teach you
the basics of creating a Twitter of Blog account, which is about as hard as
signing up for this course. I set out to teach you how to not just create a
simple Twitter account, but how to expand it and use the 8 P's to breathe a
whole new sense of life into it.

The social
media management course is structured so you can start building your platform
from the very beginning, wasting no time and adding each P along the way. The
course itself you can complete in two hours max, but to implement everything
into your platform will take some time.

Why take this course?

You should take this course
if you are looking to:

Get in front of a larger

Want to sell anything from
a book to yourself

Create an online presence

Learn more about the
business world

Or if you are looking to go
into the business of helping people create social media anything.

When combined the 8 P's of Platform Yourself: Presentation, Perception, Promotion, Participation, Plantation, Performance, Proven and Planning will come together to give you a platform you never thought possible of creating, until now. – >> Click for More details…