Connect to the Immediate Power of Conscious Breathing to Optimize Your Health

Breathwork Summit - Healing Power of Your Breath to Transform Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Breath is one of the only involuntary bodily functions we can consciously alter at any time… and it directly and powerfully affects our consciousness, physiology, and brain chemistry. Chronic stress patterns, addictive behaviors, emotional overwhelm — all these common challenges can be potently met with the gentle elixir of breath modulation…
With continued and conscious attention to your breath, you can create a new baseline of stability and resilience in your day-to-day experience. There are varied approaches to using your breath to enhance your cognitive ability, regulate your nervous system, and expand the quality of aliveness in your body…
That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to join us for Breathwork Summit from March 23-27 — a convergence of leading breathwork guides who will equip you with best-practice methods to become a masterful breather!

Brain Hack to Stop the Pain Mechanism in Your Body & Mind Once & For All

3 Keys to Free Yourself From Chronic Pain

During 3 Keys to Free Yourself From Chronic Pain, you’ll discover how to unhook from the chronic pain loop — caused by injuries, back pain, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, and more. No matter how long you’ve been in pain, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover how to unhook from the chronic pain loop and finally stop your brain from recreating old pain patterns.

Super Confident Now Through 4 NLP Techniques – online training

Super Confident Now Through 4 NLP Techniques

In this course you will learn 4 NLP techniques which will help you to increase your level of confidence instantly. The techniques taught in this course is very simple and powerful and you can feel the change within you instantly. This course will help you be confident during interviews, social gatherings, public speaking , presentations etc. Using these techniques you can boost your confidence and moral and achieve success faster in your life. The techniques taught in this course are- 1) How your mind works? 2) Pretending technique to be more confident 3) Anchor Technique 4) How to make your voice and body confident – >> Click for More details…

How To Avoid Used Car Scams: Learn From A 30-Year Veteran – online training

How To Avoid Used Car Scams: Learn From A 30-Year Veteran

Ernie Mallozzi teamed up with author Jason Vincent and web developer Paul Proto to put together this valuable course that will assist you on your next car buying adventure. Ernie has over three decades of experience in the used car business and knows every single dirty trick in the book. How? Because he’s done them all. Once you have completed this course, you can go out and shop for a used car with confidence. Confidence that you can see through any scam or scheme that may be thrown at you, and you WILL save hundreds off the asking price.Subtitles for some lectures available in Spanish. – >> Click for More details…

How to Lose Weight in 1 Month – online training

How to Lose Weight in 1 Month

This course is geared towards holistic and healthy weight loss. Learn the tools to help you feel better, look better, have a better quality of life, and achieve your goals. The course is set up to review over the course of a month plus introduction sections to the 30 days, spending ten or less minutes per day. There are several attachments that are optional and in Microsoft Word and Excel formats and some websites are referenced. A number of stories are used to paint a picture on different points.Each day has a different focus and strategy: motivation, tools, swaps, enrichment, healthy foods, and then preparing for success and resting. – >> Click for More details…