Meditation for Self Healing – online training

Meditation for Self Healing

powerful self-care tools to help decrease stress and anxiety through
meditation, self-hypnosis, guided visualizations and breathe work.  This “Meditation Course for Healing: How to
Meditate for Beginners “class is intended to empower and motivate students to
take control of their health through meditation and like practices.  Students will learn various ways to create
the relaxation response in the body, use meditation for targeted healing and how
to gain insight from a formal practice. 
The class also covers how to use meditation (and like practices), to
combat negative thought patterning and conditioning.  It is a mix of spirituality, neuroscience,
energy medicine and physiology.

With over 3 hours of lecture and
downloadable guided meditations, this meditation course is a wonderful blend of
practice and theory.  The class is presented as a video mashup with
PowerPoint, short videos and guided meditation mp3s.

Take this Meditation Course now and learn
how to meditate for beginners.

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