How To Do More, Faster – Set And Reach Any Goal You Wish – online training

How To Do More in Less Time

Master The Skill Of Goal Setting To Achieve Results Like Never Before Goals are very important part of anyone’s life. Especially if you're just starting out a new part of your life : new school, new job, new city … Then, setting the right goal and pursuing it is crucial part of your life. People who live their life without any goals often fail to get what they have always dreamed of, without even really trying to get it. Some people have this philosophy of being contented with what they have, which is good to some extent, but it does not work for you in the long run. You always need a purpose to move on and get a better life, and this purpose is provided to you by goals. In this whole course, I will show you the whole process of identifying goals, pursuing those goals and finally reaching them, making them part of your life. Goals can make your life far easier and better. If you take your goals seriously, and follow the steps and strategies in this course, then I am 100 percent sure that it will not only make your life better, but it will also help you in resolving all of your problems more easily. If all of the above is not making sense to you, then you should still start this course, because in it you will come across all the details. Wow, this is too good to be true! Will this cost me an arm? Here’s the good news, NO.I want everybody to be able to have access to these great goal setting tools . So how much will this cost you? REAL WORLD VALUE = $199 But hey, like I said. I want EVERYBODY to be able to afford this amazing Goal Setting Course: So, I’ve decided to lower the costs of this product. Hence, your total investment in “How To Set And Reach Any Goal You Wish” Is: 99$ BUT, I'm making a special price for the first 300 early birds here : I'm giving it away for the first people getting this offer, for : $29 only (launch price) for the first 300 fast action takers! I don’t want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity! Take action before it's too late and the price goes up again! P.S Remember, It’s not how much you stand to gain, but how much you stand to lose out by not taking action. P.P.S If you’re sick of others telling you that you can’t succeed in your life, It’s high time you showed them who is the boss! – >> Click for More details…

How To Start An Online eBook Business To Replace Your Income – online training

How To Start An Online eBook Business To Replace Your Income

Discover how to tap into the $2Billon river of money that is available online this year for eBooks.

…and how to turn your eBook publishing business into a

ongoing business that can be grown to 5 and even 6 figures and beyond.

Imagine being able to write your book once yet get paid for it an autopilot over and over again for years to come…

Imagine being able to find hungry markets of desperate buyers who are ready and waiting to buy the books you create, tell their friends and become ready fans for your second and third book as well.

How would it be if you could completely replace your normal income and even increase it working only a few hours a week from anywhere in the world you choose?

Well now you can with eBook publishing empire.

Written by the team at and… (a $10 Million education business) they reveal some of their power tactics for finding hot markets, researching trends and creating hot, fast selling content that people are desperate for.

You will also discover highly advanced strategies for scientific title and cover design to ensure that your book sells like the last 10 tins of baked beans at the end of the world sale.

· For beginners and advanced alike we walk you through finding the right niche for your book

· or tweaking your knowledge to target it at a hungry market.

· How to quickly and cheaply find all the information you need to create your eBook.

· How to write it in a single weekend (and where to find the right people to write it for you if you can't be bothered to write it yourself)

· Secret tricks to naming your book and designing the perfect cover

· How to market your book

· create buzz

· get people to help you spread the word

· finding free bonuses to incentivize people to buy

· building your own website and blog to sell from and build interest

· using social media to create interest in your book

· how to publish to Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble and other big players

· Our secret tricks to rank inside of Amazon to get your book more eyeballs and sales

· Siphoning traffic from Amazon to your website (and getting paid for it)

· The one thing you need to create ongoing cash injections at the push of a button

· How to get paid

· how to maximize what you get paid

· how to get paid for other people's products

· how to turn your eBook business into a 6 figure ongoing business

· How to turn your business into a 7 figure business…

· How to quickly create other products which you can sell to your fans

· How to master virtual staffing so that other people run most of your business giving you all the free time you want.

· how to avoid legal complications with the inclusion of effective disclaimers and legal templates.

· How to cheaply drive traffic to your website, book or offer to tap new audiences.

· How to drive thousands of targeted buyers to your offer with Google for the loose change in your pocket.

and much, much more…

This course is not designed as “nice” or “useful information”…

Ebook Publishing empire is designed as a comprehensive training program that you follow along with step by step…

…So that at the end of the training you will have…

· a book written

· in a hot selling niche,

· a website,

· a social media presence,

· or self published book ranking in Amazon and…

· your first sales and

· cash in the bank.

Plus you will have a template to create your next project, and your next one…

…each of will have the infrastructure around it to create passive income for years to come!

Aside from the manual you are also getting around 5 hours of comprehensive video training which walks you through each step and demonstrates live examples which you can use to set up your own eBook Publishing Empire.

If you are ready to replace your income and start living life on your own terms then enroll for this training now download the manual and working your way through the videos – taking each step yourself toward your very own profitable and successful eBook Publishing Empire.

Click the Yellow “take this course button” now to get instant access – >> Click for More details…

How To Lose 19.8 lbs In 21 Days – online training

How To Lose 19.8 lbs In 21 Days

 I Lost 100 lbs in 106 DaysCan you do that too?  Maybe, but even if you do a fraction of what I did you'd be pretty happy wouldn't you?  This is a detailed day by day guide showing you exactly:What to eatWhen to eat itWhat to do for strength trainingWhen to do strength trainingWhat to do for cardio trainingWhen to do cardio trainingHow to keep focusedHow to stay motivatedThis 21 day program is a proven system that I used to lose my weight.  I started at 340 lbs and finished at 240 lbs.  It took me 106 days to do this.  But this is a shorter version so that you can see results quickly and experience what it's like to finally lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss is a mindset and a lifestyle change.  You can do it all on your own, but it's not easy.  We go through the 4 pillars of weight loss and you get accountability to the group on our Facebook Page too.3 Levels To Choose FromWe offer 3 levels for you since we understand that everyone is different, has a different situation and different comfort levels.  Not to mention some have never lifted a weight in their lives so showing them a program where they have to go into a gym and “pump iron” would be not be a good idea!  So we set out 3 levels as follows, you get to pick which one suits you best:Beginner:  This is for people who have never been in a gym, have no interest in lifting weights and want to take it a bit slower to get started.  There is nothing wrong with this level, a lot of people will choose this.Intermediate:  This is for people who might have a gym membership, may have taken a step class or aerobics class in the past and are keen to move a little faster then the beginner level.Advanced:  This is the level that was done to achieve 100 lbs lost in 106 days.  It involves jogging and free weight training.  If you have experience in the gym or want to experience the gym, this is for you.  (We do suggest purchasing a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger at this level, it is available in book stores and on, it's optional to buy as well but explains free weight exercises better then we could ever do).The videos walk you through each level and how to choose the one for you.  You can switch levels at anytime too, so if you start at the beginner level and are feeling motivated, you jump to the other levels at anytime.The First “Online Trainer”Think of the class as your own online trainer.  If you can follow simple instructions you can do this.  You don't need to pay someone big bucks to lose weight.  Don't bother following expensive programs that are just out to empty your wallet.  This works and is proven by me.Do It With A BuddyIt's been proven that when you lose weight with a buddy you tend to have more success.  So we do encourage you to do the program with a buddy.  HOWEVER you can think of the group as your online weight loss support buddies.Ready to finally get off the weight loss and gain rollercoaster?Take the program now. – >> Click for More details…

How To Start Podcasting – Free Best Podcast Hosting Systems – online training

How To Start Podcasting - Free Best Podcast Hosting Systems

Course Up To Date As Of August, 2015. JOIN OVER 3600+ SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN THIS COURSE AND ARE LEARNING DIRECTLY FROM THE ONE AND ONLY DEAN OF BLOGONOMICS AND PODOLOGY! Discover how to make a Podcast – Fast, Easy and FREE! Join over 3600 students using Power Podcasting to position themselves as THE Expert, build relationships, grow their influence, increase sales, and change the world. What is a Podcast? It is audio or video shows, that when you subscribe to them, are automatically updated on your Computer, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, and/or iPods. Think of them as radio or TV shows which you deliver Spam-Free! directly to your audience every time you produce one. Podcasting is bigger than you think. When we survey people who listen to audio Podcasts at least once a month: we discover a Power Podcasters fact: Podcasts beat AM/FM Radio, streaming audio, CD’s, TV Music channels, & Sirius! “Power Podcasting Rocks!” “Scott is friendly and easy to follow. He clearly knows Podcasting. All the tools are here, and laid out in easy way. I think it is a great course! I was shocked at how popular Podcasting is. Great marketing tool that I overlooked. Great education.” ~ Dan Kobelt If you look at the number of people listening to Podcasts monthly, Podcasts are as popular as Twitter with 39 mIllion listeners, even if it doesn’t get the same ‘Love’. But instead of communicating in impersonal 150 character Tweets, with Power Podcasting, you get right into the head of your target market for as long as they let you. Podcasts are portable — and because of this, they are more personal. Imagine whispering into the ears of your ideal customers every week… building strong relationships, trust and connections. But instead of One-to-One, Power Podcasting is One-to-Many! Power Podcasters know that Podcasting is relationship building in the sales process, and not the time to go for the hard close. Podcast listeners are higher income earners. They listen daily to an hour and forty minutes more audio than the average American consumer. They are dedicated to continual learning, so just imagine what happens when your Podcast is available on new cars all over the world… Power Podcasting “allows you to convey your personality in a much stronger way than is possible through the written word. That clarity in your message is seen and felt through your actions (on video) and the tone of your voice…” according to Chris Ducker, Author of #1 Bestseller ‘Virtual Freedom’. When you claim your seat in the Power Podcasters course, you’ll have permanent online access to watch the course 24/7, and there’s a Q&A discussion section by each lecture, where you can post questions – and I’ll answer them personally! By following the short, simple, easy-to-follow lectures, you will be able to work through the process of setting up your Podcast and publishing your first episode quickly. The course was designed to accomplish one goal: Making Power Podcasters as fast as possible. I recommend watching the first 6 sections in their entirety. There are PDF workbooks included for you to use to clarify your topic, title, descriptions, intro and extros. For ‘Type A’ personalities, there is a “Fast Track” Lecture (Section One, Lecture #6), in which if you already have a finished MP3 or MP4 file, reveals which lectures to watch so that after following only 33 minutes of video, you will have your podcast live and into iTunes. In other words, you can be up and running in under an hour. The technical processes of Power Podcasting are only one aspect of successful Podcasting. Walk through real life examples of producing a Podcast, discover how to use your voice effectively to move your audience, uncover how to repurpose content for your podcast that you may already be doing, and how to do it FAST! Power Podcasting “will grow your email list, your audience, your influence and your bank account.” Amy Porterfield of “Tweet This” and former Social Media Maven for social media for the likes of Harley Davidson & Tony Robbins. Podcasting is growing rapidly, and thanks to CarPlay and Podcast Apps, continue strong growth for years to come. It is just past the ‘Early Adopter’ stage and has huge potential moving forward. Don’t miss out on the low-competition, high-demand opportunities that your fellow Power Podcasters are enjoying. “Great content that kept my attention” “Scott is obviously very knowledgeable, experienced and shares great content. I am a beginner and he has inspired me to believe that even I can do this. Also, I find some of the other courses very boring and they lose me. This one doesn’t. Scott makes it entertaining, easy and fun to learn.” ~ Marion Baker – >> Click for More details…

Platform Yourself: How To Make It Big Using Social Media – online training

Platform Yourself: How To Make It Big Using Social Media

This day in age there are
so many social media sites and so many people on them that it becomes
overwhelming, to say the least. Have you ever looked at the average user? Most
are trying to make a social media presence for themselves, or have
tried, and barely succeeded, even after years of work. Have you seen a few with
such a massive presence that you figured they had to cheat to get there?

Well with Platform
Yourself, you will see that they didn't cheat, they just used what few people
consider, or even know about, to get them to where they are today.

That is my goal with
Platform Yourself. To give back everything I know and learned along the way, so
you too can get out of the average users wasteland and rise up among the ranks
of the social media world.

This social
media management course will work for anything, from social media to your
website. Heck, it works for basically any business. There are many things
people over look when starting to build their platform. Whether you want to
sell books, products, your services or you are just looking to make a splash
online. Platform Yourself will teach you all the tools to get your there.

Through the 8 P's of
Platform Yourself you will learn how to create a massive social
media presence and continue to do so for years to come. While others teach you
the basics of creating a Twitter of Blog account, which is about as hard as
signing up for this course. I set out to teach you how to not just create a
simple Twitter account, but how to expand it and use the 8 P's to breathe a
whole new sense of life into it.

The social
media management course is structured so you can start building your platform
from the very beginning, wasting no time and adding each P along the way. The
course itself you can complete in two hours max, but to implement everything
into your platform will take some time.

Why take this course?

You should take this course
if you are looking to:

Get in front of a larger

Want to sell anything from
a book to yourself

Create an online presence

Learn more about the
business world

Or if you are looking to go
into the business of helping people create social media anything.

When combined the 8 P's of Platform Yourself: Presentation, Perception, Promotion, Participation, Plantation, Performance, Proven and Planning will come together to give you a platform you never thought possible of creating, until now. – >> Click for More details…

How To Write Marketing Copy That Sells – online training

How To Write Marketing Copy That Sells

A Business Is Only A Business If It Can Sell So you have a great product or a fantastic service. Unfortunately in today’s attention seeking world that by itself is not enough. The truth is that it’s not the best product that wins; it’s the one with the best marketing. Of course, if you want repeat business, you also need a great product! But how do you get that new customer to just try you out? Direct marketing still works; it’s just that people seem to have forgotten how to do it – or perhaps they never knew. Nowadays though, you are more likely to send out an email than a letter in the post. What you want is a marketing piece that gets prospects to pick up the phone or visit your website and buy from you. This copywriting course is for every small business owner that has struggled to put together a flyer, sales letter, email marketing piece or copy for their website. The answer is of course with great marketing material. And that’s why I put this course together. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t going to turn you into a marketing genius. But what it could do is give you a structure around which to work for and some big “Ah Ha” moments as you look at your marketing material differently. The concepts it explains on how to write copy are applicable to:Direct mail Email marketing Flyers Brochures Web Site Copy Sales Video Scripts Advertisements Sales PresentationsSo do you want to build a brand or sell some products? Hopefully you want to do both! But too many college educated marketers focus on “Brand Building” rather than selling. The truth is a successful brand develops as a result of lots of sales to happy customers. So you need to focus on winning sales not marketing awards! And that’s what this copywriting course is all about – showing you the 20 components that goes into any sales oriented marketing material. Not every marketing piece contains all 20 though. But if you don’t know what should be in there, how are you going to decide what to leave out? 12 components relate to the structure and 8 to the content and how it should flow. By understanding how they fit together and support each other you can create any size of marketing material. The core content on how to write copy is in video format and lasts for an hour and a quarter. It is easy to follow because it is broken down into 9 separate videos: Video 1: Introduction To Copy Writing In this video we start by looking at what it is you are selling. Remember you don’t sell a product or service; you sell a solution to a customer’s problem. To get to the core of the problem you are going to create a couple of lists. From these you will be able to write copy that directly targets the core desire of your target market – you do have a target market don’t you? Video 2: The Ultimate Sales Formula All sales messages need to be wrapped around a simple 4 step sequence. Even though you can’t put the same amount of information into a newspaper advertisement as a direct mail piece, both still need to follow the formula if you are going to get results. In this video we will look at what the 20 components of great copy are. Knowing the formula and the purpose of the 20 components helps you to decide which bits you need to include for different marketing pieces. Video 3: Grabbing Their Attention Attention spans are getting ever shorter, so you need to grab your audience's attention straight away. This video explains the parts of your sales message that does just that. You need to get this bit right if you want your target audience to pay attention to the rest of your sales message. Just choosing the right type of headline could make a huge difference in your conversion rates, but it has to work with the elements that surround it. Video 4: The Body Copy Once you have their attention, then they are more likely to read the rest of your copy. This video takes you through the components that should be in your main body text and why they are there! Every great story has a beginning, middle and end. Well, the Body Text is the middle of your story! This is where you add information about the benefits your prospect will get and how your solution is their best option. Video 5: Social Proof Your Offer Imagine you are the first person to take this course. What do you look for? Customer reviews obviously. They are everywhere on-line these days. People want to know that they are making the right decision when they buy, so naturally they want to know who else thinks this is good. This video shows you how to embed social proof into your marketing. So once you have taken this course, why not write a review of it for me! Video 6: The Call To Action Having an effective “Call To Action” is the difference between sales and branding. Every marketing piece that you create has to pay for itself by getting a prospect to do something. That might be to buy straight away, or it may be to get them to visit your website or call you, so that you can continue the sales process. This video shows you how to create an effective call to action. Video 7: Story Time The best marketing campaigns have stories and characters that you can relate to. The story is about how someone just like your target customer had exactly the same problem and how they fixed that problem using your solution. By creating an effective character you actually build social proof and third party testimonials right there into your copy. Stories bypass our critical filters and let you get your message in at the unconscious level. This video will show you how. Video 8: Value and Risk You have to demonstrate through your copy why your customers should swap their money for what you have to offer. You begin by building up your value proposition, but that may not be enough. So you also have to assure them that their money is safe and that they are not taking any risks when they put their trust in you to deliver. Effective risk reversal could be the key to getting them to say yes, so this video explains how you build that into your copy. Video 9: Credibility And Framing This is the final part of the jigsaw. In this video we will explore how to create credibility in print and the importance of creating a contrast frame for your value proposition. The truth is that your customers don't care about you, they care about what you can do for them. But they need to be able to trust that you will deliver what you say you will; especially if this is the first time they have bought something from you. Get Started Today! I hope you will find the videos in this copywriting course informative and entertaining – after all it is much easier to learn something if it’s fun! At the end of each video you will have some homework to do! After all, you are learning this so that you can apply it to your business. Even if you pay someone else to create your marketing materials for you, this course will give you the information you need to have a professional discussion with them. And of course it comes with a full money back guarantee – I explain why in video 8 by the way! So why not get started today and start to make more sales by using better marketing copy? That way the course will have paid for itself in no time at all. – >> Click for More details…

Mastering Breakout sessions: Policy and Procedure workshops – online training

Mastering Breakout sessions: Policy and Procedure workshops

Outstanding reviews from real students! “I like your style!  I have been in way too many boring classes… It's refreshing to try something new!” – Qaz Ingham, trainer “The quality is fantastic! Really good: confident, professional, calm.” – Mark Truman, founder of Omniac Education “I'm in! – John Lore, teacher Trainings Rule. If your organization skimps on trainings, you're missing an opportunity to empower and retain your valuable people. Trainings are an easy and dynamic way of focusing people and sharing valuable experience.  They can mean the difference between a merely competent worker and a dedicated powerhouse who drives growth. No more Death by Powerpoint.  Unfortunately, many organizations settle for tedious lectures and slides during their orientations, killing a new hire's momentum and turning them off before they even start work. Keep those awesome people!  You work hard to find the best new talent and passionate people to join your organization.  Why put them to sleep on the first day with boring trainings and tedious orientations?   Train them the “WOW” way.  As dynamic and powerful as trainings can be, bad trainings can be just as effective – in a totally negative way – giving your hard-won new employees a lackluster attitude toward your mission. Rather than orienting them with poor quality training, you're probably better off not training them at all. “It's the opposite approach to the useless, time wasting, infuriating trainings I've had to endure. With your approach I think people would actually want to have training and it would actually *gasp* train people” -Nancy Gough, online tutor “An excellent course about becoming a successful teacher… I highly recommend this course!” – Laurel Lampella, professor of education at UNM Win on Day One.  Now your company can deliver the high-energy kickstart that new hires crave on their first day, and you don't need to spend $10K in order to have a professional trainer. Are you ready for this? You can start enjoying the benefits of exciting, engaging orientation workshops now with the help of this awesome video series that teaches you everything you need to know. Start right away.  Unlike other courses, this course is quick, complete, and to the point.  Other courses boost their price by shoveling endless hours of videos and complexity at you.  Instead, this course gives you exactly the info you need to complete the course, right on time, with no filler.  We figure you're paying to get things done, not sit and watch!  This course is lean for high performance at record speed.  Start learning with us today to save time instead of wasting it!  Get the outcomes you want right away! Read what our clients have to say: “See Yourself Teaching helped us develop and enhance our new volunteer training program. Now we have volunteers doing great work to make a difference in our community.” -Robert Nelson, program director “When I talk about curriculum to people, I speak highly to people about See Yourself Teaching. You do an amazing job!” -Farra Fong, deputy director You can get these results too.  Sign up and start today! – >> Click for More details…

How To Conquer The Excuses That Keep You From Finishing – online training

How To Conquer The Excuses That Keep You From Finishing

You’re sick of being scared. You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed. You’re dying to finish something. But you can’t expect to finish something if don’t know what’s keeping you from doing so. I’d like to share with you the psychological foundations and the tested methods of those people who get stuff done. Because if you can’t finish, it doesn’t count. What would you get done if nothing could stop you? Welcome to Ready. Set. Finish. – The Course Your Excuses Don’t Want You To Take. Hi. I'm Bassam Tarazi I created Colipera, am author of The Accountability Effect, co-founded The Nomading Film Festival & The Ignition Lab and was recently the Director of Operations of Omnibuild. I have a mechanical engineering degree and a green MBA. I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited 47 countries. In short, I’m not afraid to try and I’m hell bent on finishing. Why Some People Finish And Others Don't History talks about the people who finished. All-time greats are defined on how they close games out. Developers and inventors are judged on what they produce. Bullet points on a resume are completion’s currency. Framed degrees on a wall prove to the world that you finished something you started. The people you admire, finish. You have food on your table, clothes on your back and toothpaste in the tube because someone somewhere finished something. Ideas and projects are easy to start but it’s the finishing that counts. The shoes are either tied or they are untied. The ship either floats or it doesn’t. Your website is either completed or it’s not. So many of us sit in the unfinished business part of life. Unfinished conversations destroy relationships. Unfinished projects take up space on your computer or in your garage. Unfinished dreams lie wasting away, marooned on Shoulda-Coulda Beach as we wonder what might have been. So why do some people finish and others don’t? Why are some goals reached, while others aren’t? Why do some projects persevere while others fizzle out? What I’ve found out in my own life and in my research of others is that: It’s mindsets, not tactics. Finishing something is all about completing the circle. Most of us get lost along the journey towards our goals because excuses and impediments suffocate us, we start feeling overwhelmed before we can finish. We say we want to do something, we say we should do something but we’re still not doing it. We’ve read enough books and how-to’s when it comes to getting things done. We’ve read the top 10 lists, we’ve done the research and yet, we’re still sitting there, idling. Believe me, I know. I still deal with excuses everyday. We have to understand that our excuses are savvy. They don’t want us to finish. They are betting against us. If we don’t know how they work, if we don’t know their tendencies, they are going to continue to defeat us. It’s time to finish. What Exactly IS Ready. Set. Finish.? Ready. Set. Finish. is the private, 4-week, 4-module course that was created for you so you can prepare for, plan for and react to the inevitable psychological roadblocks that will appear along your path to reaching your goals so that before you even start, you can be quite certain that you’ll finish what you start. It is a course focused on the mindset and behavior needed to finish. This course insight is brought to you through: – 2 hours of video lessons from me – Over 3 hours of interviews with 4 extremely successful professionals all who are adept at overcoming excuses in their lives and careers – 10 game-changing worksheets which will fortify your goal-setting strategy This course is not just about tested productivity tactics, because a tactic on its own is worthless if you don’t understand the strategy it rests upon. Rest assured, your excuses will come out to derail you, in the beginning, the middle or right at the end of whatever it is you’re reaching for. But you can’t navigate the hurdles in front of you if you don’t understand the excuses your brain transforms them into. – >> Click for More details…

How To Setup A Million Dollar Internet Business In 30 Days – online training

How To Setup A Million Dollar Internet Business In 30 Days

In this simple to follow system that I have created is based on my real life experiences that help me grow my active blog from zero to a million dollars all through blogging from my active blog @ This Course Is Designed For The Following People: Who love to make money Who needs money Who want to setup a successful online business the right way Who are retired and wish to venture into online business Who are not good with computers skills but want to make money online Who are experience marketers looking for many advance traffic tactics Who wish to enchance their knowledge in make money online more effectively Who wants a 2nd income online What Will You Gain & Learn From This Course: A better understand of how to setup a successful online business About to generate sales following examples in this course Able to find profitable products to sell Give you a clearier idea what kind of internet business you can do online Discover advance but yet simple proven tactics that generate results fast! You will know what to sell, how to sell and most importantly how to get traffic to your online business Practice and learn from many examples how to generate traffic to your business to get sales! and much much more… How Is This Course Different From Others? Alvin has coached thousands of people all around the world since 2006 and this course is designed to be hands-on tutorials with real examples that you can easily follow. Unlike many other courses which teaches just theories this course will cover instructions on the HOW-TOs which is important when you want to learn a new skill. Our Complete Course Modules Includes The Follow: Module 1: Getting Started – That teaches you the basics you will need when you start your online business Module 2: Affiliate Marketing – Teaches you how to make money from selling other people's product Module 3: Email Marketing – Exposes to you secrets how Alvin make thousands of dollars just from sending out email! Module 4: Domain Domination – Secrets reveal here on how you can also make money from domain names and choose proper short domain names Module 5: Setting Up Your Business – Detail step-by-step tutorial guides that shows you how to setup your online business easily and quickly Module 6: The 5 Proven Business Models – Alvin shows you the 5 proven models that he uses that helps him make his million dollars onlineModule 7: Getting Traffic With Article Marketing – Traffic is key and here you will learn how to get massive traffic from writing compelling articles to get traffic even if you havent written an article before in your life! Module 8: Creating A Million Dollar Product Launch – This is by far the best valuable content Alvin has create that shows you how he create Million Dollar product launch in weeks! Module 9: Getting Traffic With Forum Marketing – Tap the power of forums to get traffic fast! Module 10: Getting Traffic With Advance Blogging Traffics – This module will show you various key tactics with examples how you can gather thousands of visitors to your website in weeks that works with examples! Module 11: Getting Traffic With Viral Marketing – By way the best kind of traffic that you can get online is taught in this moduleBonus Module: Case Studies – Get REAL examples from Alvin's millionaire friends how they make money! – >> Click for More details…

How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Living – online training

How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Living

Students will learn what exactly is holding them back from achieving their goals. Where their limiting beliefs come from. They will find out how to eliminate those beliefs and replace them with empowering ones. The benefits of this course are that whatever areas of life a student wants to improve they will have practical processes they can use for the rest of their lives. This is an invaluable course for anyone who wants to change their attitude toward getting on and just doing it. It will enable them to focus on and achieve all they set out to accomplish. Everything in their life will improve health, wealth, relationships. It's a must for anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. – >> Click for More details…