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How To Stop Smoking

Thank you for clicking on this “Essential Quit Smoking
Tips: Best Way to Quit Smoking “course. 
That you did shows that you are listening to the part of you that cares
about you and wants you to be healthy and well.

The great American
author Mark Twain said, “It's easy to quit smoking.  I've done it hundreds of times.”  This little joke illustrates what you already
know —  that stopping smoking can be
difficult.  That's because 1) nicotine is
a highly addictive substance, 2) smoking provides rewards, like a
“pick-me-up,” dealing with boredom, providing something to do with
your hands, and managing stress, anger, anxiety, depression, or other
uncomfortable emotions;  and 3) smoking
can facilitate (or make the smoker believe that it can facilitate) social interactions.

That smoking is more
than an addiction to nicotine is the reason it is so hard to quit
permanently.  Otherwise, quitting
“cold turkey” would be way more successful than it is.  Whereas it may work for a while, research
shows that “cold turkey” is not successful in the long run because it
fails to address the complexities of each smoker's habit, and hence makes one
vulnerable to starting smoking again. This isn't because a person is
weak-willed or a loser.  It's because it
takes time to understand one's own, unique smoking habit and to develop and
carry out a plan to stop smoking that makes sense. 

This “essential quit smoking tips: best way to quit smoking “course is designed to help you get rid of nicotine addiction and
also address the reasons for your unique smoking pattern. 
Like walking on a road, this course consists of many steps that prepare
a smoker for Quit Day — the day one chooses to stop smoking forever. The steps
are grouped into seven modules (listed on this web page below), each containing
a brief video lecture and a PDF that can be read online or downloaded
(instructor recommended).  There are also
some downloadable MP3s. 

The course is based on
scientific and medical research and reputable stop-smoking programs, such as
those offered by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the U.S. Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, and the lung, heart, and cancer
associations.  The course does not
involve hypnosis, nor does it require students to buy any special foods or
gadgets.  However, it does require that
students commit to spending a few weeks focusing their attention on the
course.  As a symbol of that commitment,
the course fee is the cost of about three packs of cigarettes, or $15 USD.

Research shows that
stopping smoking involves progressing through stages of increasing readiness
and resolve to quit.  So, even if you are
not sure you are ready to stop smoking, this course can work for you because it
will teach you about the stop-smoking process should the day ever come that you
decide to quit.

The instructor is a
college professor of health and wellness, co-author with Professor Gordon Edlin
of the successful college text, Health and Wellness, and is certified by the
American Lung Association as a smoking cessation counselor.  He has been teaching personal health and
smoking cessation online for over 12 years; he brings that background and
experience to this Essential Quit Smoking Tips course.

Take this Essential Quit Smoking Tips course and learn the best way to quit smoking now!

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