Unlock Wisdom Held in Your Family Lineage – Decode Ancestral DNA

invisible yet powerful inheritance is what makes up your emotional DNA

Judy Wilkins-Smith, a highly regarded, profoundly wise, and delightful coach and trainer in the field of Systemic Work & Constellations, can help you recognize the living patterns of ancestral DNA within you… and show you how to use those limitations as a launching pad to manifest a remarkable life.

2020 Complete Public Speaking Masterclass For Every Occasion – online training

2020 Complete Public Speaking Masterclass For Every Occasion

Facts about this coursePublic Speaking Course*This isthe Udemy Best-Selling course for Public Speaking*Highest Rated Udemy Public Speaking course*More lectures (550) than any other Public speaking course*More comprehensive content than any other public speaking course (nearly twice as long-29.5 hours!-as any other Udemy Public speaking course)Message from the instructor:”I put everyounce of experience and insight I’ve learned from30 years of conducting public speaking training courses all over the world into this course. Rather than give you slick ad copyon this description page, I thought I’d just turn things over to the Udemy Students who havetaken thiscourse. Please see what they have to say about why this is the best sellingand most highly rated public speaking courseand then decide if this is the right course for you.” TJ WalkerIf you only have time/money for one public speaking class, this needs to be it! TJ Walker, a proven media and public speaking expert, has way overdelivered in his Complete Public Speaking Masterclass For Every Occasion. I like how there’s a comprehensive curriculum, but you can just hop around to the sections that apply to you. Not EVERY section is going to apply, but with 550 videos (the max on Udemy) you can’t go wrong buying this course. Each section is also in easy-to-watch chunks. Stephanie Mojica, Udemy student “If you like TJ Walker’s style, this is the perfect course, extremely comprehensive, covering many different subjects and speaking situations.”Sven Hendrix”I took this course to help me make my work presentations more interesting. I was stunned at how much content was available! There are lessons and helpful hints on every conceivable public speaking situation. It was like having a personal coach. TJ, the instructor, is very personable and interesting and each topic is mercifully short, even though there are a lot. I was able to spend a few minutes a day at lunch or during a break and I could complete a module. I was able to start putting the course material to work immediately and already felt my presentations were more engaging after the first lecture. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is giving presentations, even if it’s just meetings in your office.”Lisa Heller”Brilliant!!! I have gained a wealth of applicable knowledge and insights from TJ, just got through the first part of this course and will be studying through several times over and continuing on! Its incredibly important to me that as an aspiring life &motivational coach, Im coming across conversational to my audience as if they are someone Im coaching personally~ sharing messages that are relevant, engaging and to the point without rambling lol! Im grateful for what a ginormous gift it is having access to this level of coaching from TJ!!! Highly recommend!”Jennifer LaGuardia”Hello guys, don’t go any further than this. I think this course is a masterpiece. TJ is a very experience instructor, and he has a way of explaining things, that for me, is incomparable to other so called public speaking expert in this platform. Thanks TJ for this amazing course. Highly recommended.” Udemy StudentStefano Buiaroni TJ is very easy to listen to. I find myself smiling and laughing quite often. I love his energy and he seems to be extremely competent. This course is unbelievably comprehensive. I have never seen a course even attempting what he is trying to do with this course.” Udemy StudentDaniel Nelson”This is by far the best public speaking course I have ever attended. TJ Walker knows the subject. Explanations are clear and understandable. Lots of tips from professional public speaker who has many years of experience. Also, the teacher is very engaging – if I had no other responsibilities, I guess I would have watched the course all night long. Highly recommend!” Udemy student Diana”Best public speaking Course ever Without any doubt this course is the best course about public speaking on the internet I said that as a professional public speaking trainer and coach with more than 300 seminars and years of experience I hope all people joint this course and enjoy! Thank you TJ for your Great Course”Payam Bahrampoor”I’m absolutely blown away. The author is very clearly not just a theoretician but a great speaker himself. I’m often finding myself smiling to the screen and it’s a real pleasure to go through this course which is just packed with invaluable and precise information.”Aleksander Majewski”This is one the best public speaking resource you’ll probably ever find. I cannot imagine anything as comprehensive as taking this 30 hour course.”Jake Senn”TJ Walker has been teaching public speaking to top level professionals for decades. He’s polished, engaging, and obviously passionate and super-knowledgeable about the subject. I don’t think you’ll find more comprehensive, better expertise and video coaching for public speaking anywhere on the planet!”Mike Ososki”My friend recommended this course to me and yeah, he was right, truly by far the best public speaking course on the internet. I like how he was straight to the point in every lesson and not wasting my time with unwanted information. Totally worth it! I recommend it to everybody.”Madamin Davari”The best and most complete general class lecture tutorial for any occasion”E. Hasani”Very well designed program with no nonsense advice. I really like the strategic focus on what we want our audience to do from our presentations. And delivering messages that motivates them to do what we want them to do. Tj is a world class expert on this topic.”Mohammad Waheedi”This masterclass is the best think I came across when it comes to public speaking. It has everything I need. I`m a corporate trainer and had troubles with recording a e-course using a tele-prompter. The part about reading of a teleprompter alone is worth the 200 $. Another great tool i picked up from TJ is the use of a cheat sheet. I now have a cheatsheet per hour of training I deliver and I`m always on point. TJ is a true professional and my favourite trainer on Udemy by far.”Pantea Sebastian”The course is stimulating and thought provoking. Some of the solutions are simple, yet incredibly effective, particularly the video recording of presentations and watching it back! Would recommend to anyone who wants to build on their experience of public speaking. Many thanks!”Carol Dobbins”Awesome course. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to be a public speaker or lecturer. TJ Walker explains everything very simple and understandable. He covers all important aspects of public speaking and provides students with multitudes of mindsets, techniques and methods. By taking this course, you do not need to study any other course on public speaking. Thank you so much TJ Walker.”Sajed M”I think that is the most comprehensive course I have ever seen. Good job man”Arsalan mashayekhi”I cant believe this course is only $199. I think its value is over $1000.”Nicholas Taylor-DAmbrosio”Great ideas so far on how to improve speaking in public – such a simple thing can prevent you from progressing in business and public life. We all have to speak to be heard and TJ makes it seem so easy. Practice makes perfect – I look forward to seeing what else is recommended in this course.”Cordelia Carlsson”I think this course is confronting all the important aspects of public speaking. I feel relatively comfortable with my public speaking ability already and yet this course has already got me thinking about aspects i have not thought about to help me improve my ability.”Adam Stevens”Exactly what I have been looking for – great advice from clearly an expert pro. I have been getting by on intuition I think and seem to be hitting lots of marks – but learned so many more and excited to use them – thank you x”Tanya Marguerite Grant”This course is really comprehensive. TJ puts lots of energy on it. He is really competent and expert. I really appreciate him for making such a comprehensive and excellent course.”Mohammad Saleh Gholami”This truly is a master class. He covers everything that could possibly be covered, in my opinion. Take the classes, do the exercises, make the videos, you will improve. Like Nike says, ‘Just Do It’! Like TJ says, you have to practice. He reiterates it, constantly, in this course because it is an issue. Just watching the course doesn’t help. You have to act on them, and practice. Watch your practice, critique, and do it again. TJ has so much valid information, I know that I will be back to review and digest more of it. Great job, TJ.”Teresa Trimm”Excellent Course; covers everything efficiently and effectively!”Mubashir Sheikh”TJ’s suggestions are direct and real-world. I’ve been putting them to use immediately, e.g. – practicing in front of a camera, reducing presentations to a few bullet points, asking audience members for feedback…. This course is ideal.”Peter Laskowich”Thank you TJ for the course. The best course ever. I as a public speaking trainer do recommend this course to everyone. It is fluent and practical. Don’t miss this course.”Hamed Ali Abdollahi”Perfect and beyond expectations! Thanks TJ Walker!”Saghar Vahidi”All that you need to conquer the barrier of public speaking is included in this comprehensive course. The course is full of examples, tips, and tricks. At first, the general points of public speaking is declared and then detailed instructions and examples of speeches are prepared for most of the occasions needed in the lifetime from childhood to all the job times, wedding and etc. This is one of the strengths of the course and its main distinctions to many other courses. the instructor is so energetic and the course is designed in small pieces so that you don’t get bored due to the short time of videos.”Zohreh Sadat Haghayeghi”Okay, I am just halfway through this course and I usually wait till the end before giving a review, but this is already the best course on public speaking I’ve seen so far. T. J. knows exactly what he is talking about, even the parts I don’t care that much about are interesting to watch, just because he is doing what he’s teaching. Great course. Recommended.”Peter Schmuttermaier”It couldn’t be any better, I found many useful tips which are applicable. As a teacher the course is helping me. What’s more It covers every area in public speaking. It’s more than what I wanted. Thanks TJ”Shamseddin Khojasteh Nia”So far so VERY good. TJ is an excellent teacher giving great tips on the very first video. It’s not all about Me, Me, Me. It is all about YOU, the person reading this. Even if you think you know it all, you will learn something importatnt in this course. I’m sure I’m only at the very tip of the iceberg.”Brian Maddison”TJ Walker really knows his stuff. This course is so interesting and engaging that I want to watch all the lessons asap. I’m learning something new in every lesson. Also, TJ is walking his talk and talking his walk. {:-)”Rohi Shetty”Awesome course, all in one. I feel so confident about public speaking after taking this course. Very well designed and content delivery was very effective.”Imran Afzal”I prefer Mr Walker’s approach to communication: rational and down-to-earth. I really liked the trick he used – candidly recording his trainees so that later he could show them that they are actually capable of talking in a relaxed and natural way.”Biljana VasevPlease Note: This is a public speaking class where the instructor teaches public speaking by, well, speaking. If you are looking for a course with lots of graphics, music, special effects, slides and razz ma taz, don’t take this course. – >> Click for More details…

How To Lose 19.8 lbs In 21 Days – online training

How To Lose 19.8 lbs In 21 Days

 I Lost 100 lbs in 106 DaysCan you do that too?  Maybe, but even if you do a fraction of what I did you'd be pretty happy wouldn't you?  This is a detailed day by day guide showing you exactly:What to eatWhen to eat itWhat to do for strength trainingWhen to do strength trainingWhat to do for cardio trainingWhen to do cardio trainingHow to keep focusedHow to stay motivatedThis 21 day program is a proven system that I used to lose my weight.  I started at 340 lbs and finished at 240 lbs.  It took me 106 days to do this.  But this is a shorter version so that you can see results quickly and experience what it's like to finally lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss is a mindset and a lifestyle change.  You can do it all on your own, but it's not easy.  We go through the 4 pillars of weight loss and you get accountability to the group on our Facebook Page too.3 Levels To Choose FromWe offer 3 levels for you since we understand that everyone is different, has a different situation and different comfort levels.  Not to mention some have never lifted a weight in their lives so showing them a program where they have to go into a gym and “pump iron” would be not be a good idea!  So we set out 3 levels as follows, you get to pick which one suits you best:Beginner:  This is for people who have never been in a gym, have no interest in lifting weights and want to take it a bit slower to get started.  There is nothing wrong with this level, a lot of people will choose this.Intermediate:  This is for people who might have a gym membership, may have taken a step class or aerobics class in the past and are keen to move a little faster then the beginner level.Advanced:  This is the level that was done to achieve 100 lbs lost in 106 days.  It involves jogging and free weight training.  If you have experience in the gym or want to experience the gym, this is for you.  (We do suggest purchasing a book by Arnold Schwarzenegger at this level, it is available in book stores and on amazon.com, it's optional to buy as well but explains free weight exercises better then we could ever do).The videos walk you through each level and how to choose the one for you.  You can switch levels at anytime too, so if you start at the beginner level and are feeling motivated, you jump to the other levels at anytime.The First “Online Trainer”Think of the class as your own online trainer.  If you can follow simple instructions you can do this.  You don't need to pay someone big bucks to lose weight.  Don't bother following expensive programs that are just out to empty your wallet.  This works and is proven by me.Do It With A BuddyIt's been proven that when you lose weight with a buddy you tend to have more success.  So we do encourage you to do the program with a buddy.  HOWEVER you can think of the group as your online weight loss support buddies.Ready to finally get off the weight loss and gain rollercoaster?Take the program now. – >> Click for More details…

Mastering Breakout sessions: Policy and Procedure workshops – online training

Mastering Breakout sessions: Policy and Procedure workshops

Outstanding reviews from real students! “I like your style!  I have been in way too many boring classes… It's refreshing to try something new!” – Qaz Ingham, trainer “The quality is fantastic! Really good: confident, professional, calm.” – Mark Truman, founder of Omniac Education “I'm in! – John Lore, teacher Trainings Rule. If your organization skimps on trainings, you're missing an opportunity to empower and retain your valuable people. Trainings are an easy and dynamic way of focusing people and sharing valuable experience.  They can mean the difference between a merely competent worker and a dedicated powerhouse who drives growth. No more Death by Powerpoint.  Unfortunately, many organizations settle for tedious lectures and slides during their orientations, killing a new hire's momentum and turning them off before they even start work. Keep those awesome people!  You work hard to find the best new talent and passionate people to join your organization.  Why put them to sleep on the first day with boring trainings and tedious orientations?   Train them the “WOW” way.  As dynamic and powerful as trainings can be, bad trainings can be just as effective – in a totally negative way – giving your hard-won new employees a lackluster attitude toward your mission. Rather than orienting them with poor quality training, you're probably better off not training them at all. “It's the opposite approach to the useless, time wasting, infuriating trainings I've had to endure. With your approach I think people would actually want to have training and it would actually *gasp* train people” -Nancy Gough, online tutor “An excellent course about becoming a successful teacher… I highly recommend this course!” – Laurel Lampella, professor of education at UNM Win on Day One.  Now your company can deliver the high-energy kickstart that new hires crave on their first day, and you don't need to spend $10K in order to have a professional trainer. Are you ready for this? You can start enjoying the benefits of exciting, engaging orientation workshops now with the help of this awesome video series that teaches you everything you need to know. Start right away.  Unlike other courses, this course is quick, complete, and to the point.  Other courses boost their price by shoveling endless hours of videos and complexity at you.  Instead, this course gives you exactly the info you need to complete the course, right on time, with no filler.  We figure you're paying to get things done, not sit and watch!  This course is lean for high performance at record speed.  Start learning with us today to save time instead of wasting it!  Get the outcomes you want right away! Read what our clients have to say: “See Yourself Teaching helped us develop and enhance our new volunteer training program. Now we have volunteers doing great work to make a difference in our community.” -Robert Nelson, program director “When I talk about curriculum to people, I speak highly to people about See Yourself Teaching. You do an amazing job!” -Farra Fong, deputy director You can get these results too.  Sign up and start today! – >> Click for More details…

Run Yourself To Health: Lose Weight Be Healthy Fast. – online training

Run Yourself To Health: Lose Weight Be Healthy Fast.

Start Getting Healthy & Fit Today As Well As Getting The Body You Want.I HATE dietingI just love my food too much, and fad diets are NOT the answer to serious weight loss. So this course is all about burning calories, so you don’t have to give up those delicious food! But more then that, its about changing your lifestyle and the way you feel about yourself but getting healthy, fit and the body you want. So you will find that you will just want to start to eat healthy food and look after yourself more. – >> Click for More details…