Platform Yourself: How To Make It Big Using Social Media – online training

Platform Yourself: How To Make It Big Using Social Media

This day in age there are
so many social media sites and so many people on them that it becomes
overwhelming, to say the least. Have you ever looked at the average user? Most
are trying to make a social media presence for themselves, or have
tried, and barely succeeded, even after years of work. Have you seen a few with
such a massive presence that you figured they had to cheat to get there?

Well with Platform
Yourself, you will see that they didn't cheat, they just used what few people
consider, or even know about, to get them to where they are today.

That is my goal with
Platform Yourself. To give back everything I know and learned along the way, so
you too can get out of the average users wasteland and rise up among the ranks
of the social media world.

This social
media management course will work for anything, from social media to your
website. Heck, it works for basically any business. There are many things
people over look when starting to build their platform. Whether you want to
sell books, products, your services or you are just looking to make a splash
online. Platform Yourself will teach you all the tools to get your there.

Through the 8 P's of
Platform Yourself you will learn how to create a massive social
media presence and continue to do so for years to come. While others teach you
the basics of creating a Twitter of Blog account, which is about as hard as
signing up for this course. I set out to teach you how to not just create a
simple Twitter account, but how to expand it and use the 8 P's to breathe a
whole new sense of life into it.

The social
media management course is structured so you can start building your platform
from the very beginning, wasting no time and adding each P along the way. The
course itself you can complete in two hours max, but to implement everything
into your platform will take some time.

Why take this course?

You should take this course
if you are looking to:

Get in front of a larger

Want to sell anything from
a book to yourself

Create an online presence

Learn more about the
business world

Or if you are looking to go
into the business of helping people create social media anything.

When combined the 8 P's of Platform Yourself: Presentation, Perception, Promotion, Participation, Plantation, Performance, Proven and Planning will come together to give you a platform you never thought possible of creating, until now. – >> Click for More details…

Updating Your Digital Music Distribution – online training

Updating Your Digital Music Distribution

I've gotten my music on iTunes — now what?  Or how do I even get my music there?  Should I worry about Facebook?  Tumblr?  Twitter?  How do I have time for this?  How do I make more than 67 cents a download, or less than 1 cent for streaming?  Welcome to “Updating Your Digital Music Distribution,” where we will work to help you answer these and many other questions. The digital world for musicians continues to change dramatically.  We not only have the ability to self-market and create communities directly with listeners, but also can thrive in online communities with influencers and other musicians around the world.  Digital has transformed not just the way we get the word out, but also how we create and how we understand the vast data around the consumption of our music.  Internet marketing has morphed into internet community crowdsourcing of opinions and tastes—a very different world for musicians and musical organizations.  You will engage in rethinking your own “brand,” finding your “target audience” online, and engaging directly with core influencers and Super Fans. Who are you really trying to reach to thrive as a musician?  How do you really plan to earn money in this digitally connected, streaming music, age?  How can you make different money from different relationships with fans?  What do you need to do beyond getting your tracks out on the right digital distribution services?  Where IS the right place or places for your music to be available?  What have other musicians and musical organizations done that you’d like to learn from in your own marketing and branding?  How do your fandoms overlap?  What can you do with that information?What is worth your time to engage in and what is a total waste of time?    – >> Click for More details…

Use iPads and Twitter in the classroom to enrich learning – online training

Use iPads and Twitter in the classroom to enrich learning

For the beginner or expert, this course demonstrates how to use microblogging and Twitter as a classroom learning tool.  The techniques shown in the step by step videos capitalize on the power of the iPad and Twitter to enrich learning activities in your classroom. The included examples demonstrate step by step, how to explore and execute each example with your students.  Add to this, instructions on how to connect with other professionals for your own professional development and global network.  See how educators tap into the power of Twitter to build a personal professional development stream of resources to help them enrich their students' learning experience.  – >> Click for More details…

Create Your Own Personal Twitter: How To Setup a Micro-Blog – online training

Create Your Own Personal Twitter: How To Setup a Micro-Blog

A microblog is a type of blog where people send short messages consisting of text or media (pictures, video, or sounds). These messages can be sent to a website and shown to either a select small group of people or it can be made public. One great use for a microblog is as an internal communication tool in the workplace – it's like your company having it's own private version of twitter!This is a short, fun course that shows you how to setup your very own twitter-like micro blog in 3 easy steps.Enjoy! – >> Click for More details…