Learn to be an Animator. Part 1. “Good habits” – online training

Learn to be an Animator. Part 1. "Good habits"

  During this course, by repeating exercises, explained in the Videos, Students will learn Animation Work Flow by using:Projects.Incremental save.Graph Editor as their main Animation tool, working with splines and tangents.Time Slider and Copy/Past/Delete functions.Drag and Drop ToolExtremes and Breakdowns  When Students will be required to download Animation models (rigs), they will be provided with direct links to those models.  It should take from 1 to 2 weeks to complete the course.”Learn to be an Animator” is 100%video, easy to follow, step by step instructions of gradually increasing complexity. students are required to repeat the manipulations while they watch the video, and then practice on their own several times before taking another video. It consists of two sections. Preparatory procedures: making projects, learning to Save, undo, delete/copy/paste etc.Animation Exercises with pendulums of increasing complexity.This Course is a no-nonsense approach to Animation technique, taught at deliberately slow pace. All the tools are introduced one by one, giving Students plenty of opportunity to practice them. – >> Click for More details…

Law of Attraction – online training

Law of Attraction

Anyone who has begun
to explore the idea that thoughts mold reality inevitably are introduced to the
Law of Attraction. Using the law of attraction makes sense since this
concept holds that your life experience reflects back to you whatever it is
you’ve been thinking. Unfortunately, getting beyond that point and truly
understanding what it means to create your own reality can be… well,
overwhelming and confusing.

What exactly is the Law of Attraction?

Why is it that my thoughts affect my reality?

How can I find my soulmate?

How can I get the body I prefer?

How does death fit into the Law of Attraction?

The aim of
this course is to provide you with a foundational understanding of the Law of
Attraction and using the Law of Attraction so that the answers to these
questions and others become clearer to you. By following this course you
will learn Law of Attraction tips and you will be shown that the solutions to
life’s problems are not as unattainable as they might seem.

Embedded within the
principle of the Law of Attraction is the knowledge that you are figuratively
and literally the center of the universe. This course attempts to show you
that this is true as well as how to use that understanding to achieve the life
of your dreams by using the Law of Attractions – because you deserve it.


Intended Audience: This course will benefit anyone
seeking a general understanding of the Law of Attraction and using the Law of
Attraction to a wide range of subjects.

Requirements: 1 Pencil and Paper. 

Included:21 Videos
covering various subjects and Law of Attraction tips
3 Exercises (1 perception exercise, 1 expectation exercise, 1 activity exercise)
16 Affirmations
Media Recommendation List (books, documentaries, audio ressources). – >> Click for More details…

Learn How To Create Professional-Looking Corporate Videos – online training

Learn How To Create Professional-Looking Corporate Videos

In this course you will learn how to put together awesome corporate and presentation–style videos. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term “corporate video”, it refers to any type of video used by a company, corporation, or organization mostly for either informational or promotional purposes (or both). Corporate videos are mostly for the purposes of B2B (business to business) interactions including product pitches, promotional videos, training videos, crowd funding videos and so on.In this course you will learn the techniques for producing high-quality corporate videos. You will learn the best techniques for using cameras, lighting, audio, and presentation as you gain the skills to developing corporate and presentation style video. You will also be learning many inexpensive and DIY solutions to help keep cost down. – >> Click for More details…