Join 40 Inspiring Visionary Women – March 1-14 – Happy Intl. Women’s Day!

Inspiring Women with Soul, features 40 visionaries — including luminaries like Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, Sandra Ingerman, Christina Rasmussen, Esperanza Universal, Sarah Prout, SARK, Daisy Lee, and so many others!

They’ll share insights and practices that can put you on a path to personal fulfillment AND planetary healing that’s sourced from your heart and highest calling. A path that is uniquely YOUR OWN, and yet contributes to the collective solutions for the biggest problems of our day.

You’ll be joining a global community of more than 80,000 women — a community of powerful, kindred souls, who celebrate your heart’s desires and challenge you to live out your highest calling!

Healing From Sexual Violence – July 17-20 – Powerful, Intimate Stories

Tonya Pinkins Hosts Deeply Personal Interviews About Sexual Violence

The #MeToo Dialogues: A Unique & Powerful Conversation The #MeToo movement has ignited a revolution… Starting with Tarana Burke’s powerful call for survivor-sisterhood in 2006, to Alyssa Milano’s tweet that sparked a global conversation, to a continuing wave of women (and men) standing up, speaking out, and unifying their voices to say #MeToo, #EnoughIsEnough, #TimesUp, #EndSexualViolence, and more… It is critical that we continue to step forward and to share our stories. Yet, we’re also ready to move beyond a message and a movement — to lasting social change. As we continue to co-create safe spaces where we can express ourselves, and as we continue to heal, we are called to take action and advocate on behalf of those still suffering in silence. The future of our shared humanity requires that we dismantle the structures that have allowed oppression, bias, and inequality to persist — not to mention the predatory behavior, sexual violence, and rape culture that continue. To take the next …

Approach your relationship with money in empowering ways

Shift self-sabotaging thoughts about money to better your life If you’re like most people, just thinking about your money issues has you squirming inside. Yet this doesn’t necessarily need to be… By changing our relationship with money, including uncovering our self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings about it, we can have a better relationship with this necessary part of our lives AND with ourselves. We can also start to more fully enjoy life and thrive as who we truly want to be. If your relationship with money is rooted in fear or shame, or hampered by feelings of lack or scarcity, and you long to break free of the grip your money thoughts have on you — and your life — I have a very special invitation. On Saturday, June 9, author and therapist Kate Levinson, PhD, will show you how to start uncovering and understanding your relationship with money so that you can open to self-empowering ways of engaging with it. >> Register …

Women’s Money Summit (May 22-24) Find Your Financial Power

women's money summit 2018 finding your financial power

Discover Powerful Practices & Profound Wisdom to Transform Your Financial Life How does money make you feel? Does thinking about finances stir feelings of struggle or regret? Or shame that you’re not earning what you want to? Do you feel anxious because you don’t know what you think you should know — or even who to ask your most pressing questions? Or does money make you feel confident and free… empowered to live your life more fully… in alignment with your values, goals, and purpose? Most women fall into one of two categories: either you have the money you want and want to learn how to do more with your money… or you don’t have the money you want and you want to learn how to find your financial power. Either way, you can can transform your relationship with money — AND your financial situation — by changing your attitudes, energy, and behaviors around “wealth.” Along the way, you’ll also need to acquire vital tools for generating wealth, stewarding your resources, planning your giving, launching your …