Join Awakening Your Kundalini Advanced Masterclass with Raja Choudhury

Awakening Your Kundalini Masterclass Advanced Teachings for Raising Your Vibration & Accessing Higher Consciousness

In Advanced Kundalini Awakening Masterclass: Advanced Teachings for Raising Your Vibration & Accessing Higher Consciousness, you’ll discover how to work with Kundalini Shakti — the evolutionary force of sacred feminine power within you — for healing, vitality, success, and true inner peace in a time of unrest and uncertainty.

Discover How Energy Medicine Yoga & EFT Practice Can Open You Up to More Joy

Energy Medicine Yoga teacher Lauren Walker will show you how Energy Medicine Yoga and working with one of its nine energy systems — the Radiant Circuits — can help you liberate the stuck energies of your difficult emotions, clear the way for more joy, and initiate a “rebirth” of your body and mind.

In Energy Medicine Yoga To Move Into Joy: Exercises to Clear Difficult Emotions, Tap Into Your Inner Radiance & Cultivate Happiness, you’ll experience an Energy Medicine Yoga sacred practice to activate your body’s Radiant Circuits — the most powerful energy system for repatterning your life. These practices can also help you feel into what you want to keep and what you need to shed… to repattern WHO you want to be at this time so ripe for transformation.

Experience how Energy Medicine Yoga heals, calms, & nurtures you

Discover Energy Medicine Yoga to Release Stuck Energy & Heal Trauma, Anxiety, and Stress

When you break the fight-or-flight loop, calm your anxiety, and clear the stuck energies of past traumas, you create an authentic path to wholeness, peace, and a deep enjoyment of life.

During this special hour with Lauren, you’ll learn simple Energy Medicine Yoga prescriptions you can use anytime and anywhere to shift your system out of stress overdrive and into a relaxing calm that can provide the foundation for a life of greater presence, more vibrant health, and more abundant joy.

Discover the “Humblest Yoga”— it’s Not About Mastering Poses & Postures

Activate Self-Love Through Kundalini: Heal Patterns in Your 3rd Chakra to Liberate Your Authentic Power

Kundalini yoga – restores you to your “center” and liberates your authentic life force, your ability to love yourself, and your creative energy… And one of the world’s most influential yoga teachers Gloria Latham will show you how these mind-body practices can help you break through self-limiting beliefs and stuck patterns you’ve perhaps struggled with for years! In this special hour with Gloria, you’ll experience a powerful Kundalini practice to dissipate blocks in your third chakra, transform self-limiting beliefs, and liberate your personal power.