The Amplified Author: How To Create Your Own Ebooks (Full) – online training

The Amplified Author: How To Create Your Own Ebooks (Full)
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The complete Amplified Author: How to Make an Ebook suite includes lectures from Ebooks Explained, The Ebooks Ecosystem, and Using Press Books in one course. What are the skills and knowledge writers need to navigate the complicated world of ebooks? How can individual authors create an ebook or get their backlist online? This course created by if: book Australia provides an overview of ebooks, including industry trends, rights, licensing, and royalties as well as self-directed lectures on the practical skills of using Pressbooks, an online ebook creation tool. This “Amplified Author : How to Make an Ebook “course is best suited to people familiar with blogging and online tools, but new to ebooks. Participants will leave this course with the structure for their own ebook and the skills to complete it. Take this Amplified Author course now and learn how to make an ebook. >> More details…