Unlock Wisdom Held in Your Family Lineage – Decode Ancestral DNA

invisible yet powerful inheritance is what makes up your emotional DNA
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Explore family systems & constellations to release inherited patterns.

It’s common knowledge that physical traits and predispositions are passed down in families from generation to generation. But are you aware that you may have also inherited equally prominent and powerful patterns of thinking, acting, and reacting… even likes, dislikes, interests, and passions?

This invisible yet powerful inheritance is what makes up your emotional DNA —  a legacy of thoughts, feelings, and actions created in response to the decisions made about events, conditions, and often traumatic experiences of those who’ve come before you… 

… situations and events significant enough to impact your mental and physical health, the code of ethics by which you live, your sense of purpose, your relationship to money — and how you relate to success, failure, leadership, and all the people in your life.

The good news is that you can unwrap the origins of these imprints to understand how they manifest for you — and discover the hidden wisdom and gifts they carry in order to create long-term transformation in your life.

You can become an agent of change, cultivating new, healthier patterns — not only for yourself, but for future generations. 

Judy Wilkins-Smith, a highly regarded, profoundly wise, and delightful coach and trainer in the field of Systemic Work & Constellations, can help you recognize the living patterns of ancestral DNA within you… and show you how to use those limitations as a launching pad to manifest a remarkable life.

On Thursday, June 23, Judy will share how your emotional inheritance can serve as a guide, an igniter, and a treasure trove of clues — as you set out on a grand adventure to reinvent your life.

>> Decode Your Ancestral Emotional DNA: Explore Family Systems & Constellations to Release Inherited Patterns <<

invisible yet powerful inheritance is what makes up your emotional DNA

In this inspiring free online event, you’ll:

  • Discover that you don’t live in a vacuum… you’re part of an ancestral system that holds generations of wisdom you can draw from to write the chapter in your family lineage that only you can create
  • Be guided in a constellation exercise to deconstruct your family system, enabling you to gain insights into your family relationships and how they’ve affected you… and your legacy 
  • Learn that transformation is not for the chosen few… it’s for those who choose it
  • Come to understand that you’re a change agent in a box you’ve outgrown — and all you have to do is step out of it and discover the reality of who you are
  • Realize that rather than being stuck and succumbing to your fate, you have the capacity to rise to the destiny of your choosing

The beauty of this work is that it shows people how to honor their lineage and inherited traits while using those old emotional DNA patterns to evolve and create an enormously rich and satisfying life — positively changing those imprints for generations to come. 

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In Decode Your Ancestral Emotional DNA: Explore Family Systems & Constellations to Release Inherited Patterns with Judy Wilkins-Smith…

… you’ll unlock the wisdom held in the lived experience of your family lineage to release blocks, rewire and reframe ancestral patterns, and find fulfillment and freedom — to create a remarkable life for yourself and future generations.