Unreal Development Kit Level Dressing – Essential skills 1 – online training

Unreal Development Kit Level Dressing - Essential skills 1
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This is a comprehensive guide for the UDK (Unreal Development Kit) that shows you, the developer, how to create a realistic game level that is both professional looking and also “Fit for purpose”.  What this means is that your levels will be intuitive, correctly move the player from one area to another without allowing them to stray off course and will still allow the player to feel like they have freedom, while at the same time immersing the player in a more detailed experience.  Creating game levels should be an interesting and fun experience and in this set of lectures I will focus on showing you everything, from cradle to grave, in an interesting and informative manner that will teach you how to create a meaningful and interesting game area.  Using the skills I will teach you, you will then be able to apply this knowledge to your own game levels and show a level of skill and professional output above your peers.  By pushing you into the deep end and making you get your “hands dirty” by actually following along, you will learn way more than by reading and trying to digest endless dull information and at the end there is no reason that you should not be able to make a great looking level!Take this course if you really want to improve your UDK skills while at the same time learning the importance of aesthetics in video game levels and of course getting a hands on practical approach from a teacher who explains every step carefully and clearly.  I am available to answer questions and will check in daily in case anyone is needing help on the course and to answer questions! >> More details…