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It’s a VIP free ticket to the new inspirational feature film being released online titled “Unsinkable: The Secret to Bouncing Back”.

Many of the top bounce back experts, teachers, scientists and leaders have come together to share their life-changing messages to show you exactly HOW to bounce back quickly from difficult times, turn your life around fast and achieve your wildest dreams!

It’s an incredible film starring Sonia Ricotti, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Dr. John Gray, John Assaraf, Marci Shimoff and so many more experts!

This life-changing film will shock you, inspire you and you’ll walk away with a new lease on life! In fact, you’ll discover how you can be happy right now (even if your life isn’t perfect)!


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Here is what you’ll learn in this webclass:

  • The critical mistake (most people make) that repels what you want, and attracts what you don’t want

  • The latest scientific evidence that reveals what’s really going on in your brain that’s sabotaging your success and blocking you from achieving what you really want in life

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    Sonia Ricotti’s free “Eliminate Limiting Beliefs” webclass

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I have something for you today that is brand NEW, truly life-changing, and extremely helpful during these difficult and unprecedented times.

With all that’s going on these days, I think we can all use a dose of inspiration and help to “bounce back” quickly from these difficult times.

So today, I have a “must-read” book for you that you will absolutely love.

It’s Sonia Ricotti’s latest book“Bounce Back BIG in 2021″.

This life-changing book will teach you the 3-step miracle blueprint to turn your life around fast and achieve your wildest dreams in 2021.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • The easiest and fastest way to manifest miracles into your life during these troubling times
  • The #1 most critical and important thing you must do first that will turbo-charge your results
  • How to reprogram and re-wire your brain to manifest massive success, wealth, peace and happiness
  • How to easily let go of the pain, suffering, stress and fear—and move forward with confidence, peace, joy and ease
  • How to create the blueprint for YOUR dream life – the one you love and really deserve!
    … And lots more!

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+ “Bounce Back BIG” KIT that includes a video training, a workbook, and a powerful “inner peace” meditation.

It’s from the world’s leading “bounce back” expert and #1 bestselling author, Sonia Ricotti.

This kit is a crash-course that teaches you how to easily overcome any life challenge (big or small) and quickly bounce back bigger and higher than ever—so you can live your greatest life!

With this kit, you will:

  • Learn the exact 3-Step formula to bouncing back quickly from ANY situation so that you can get a fresh new start for 2021!
  • Immediately feel good and become the most positive person you know.
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What a great way to Bounce Back in Any Global or Personal Crisis!


The feedback has been phenomenal, including:

“Congratulations Sonia! Just watched the UNSINKABLE movie and I just want to tell you, it was beyond amazing! So many great lessons and takeaways! God bless you my dear! Here’s to bigger & better! Thank you for this film! I’ll watch it again & refer my contacts to watch it!” – Joanne Muturi

“I just watched your incredible movie. Thank you! Your story of bouncing back from all the things you shared from your past, ten years ago, and then the really touching moments during the making of this very film, about losing your mother… what a gift. I am uplifted and also motivated to make a change for myself. Thank you so much for creating this movie! With Love and Respect, Joe”

 “I absolutely LOVED the Unsinkable Movie, WOW! I’ve been working on my own blocks for many years and even though I have come so far already, just within the 90 minutes of your movie I broke down into tears as deeper blocks were revealed and released. I am so very grateful.” – Cheers , Amanda van der Gulik

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4 Ways Believing In Yourself Will Help You Become Successful

We’re all supposed to love ourselves, and everyone in their right minds would say they love themselves. But when it comes to success, many people lack the belief that they can actually succeed at anything, which is quite sad, to be honest. So, in this article, you’re going to be learning four different ways believing in yourself will help you become successful.

1. It will be easier to succeed if you actually believe you can do it

If you want to achieve something, you’re going to have to ask yourself, “Do I really think I can do this?”

If you answered in the affirmative, then good for you. However, if you hesitated, or if you said “no” outright, then you need to change your mindset. When you doubt your abilities and your skills, you’ll find it hard to proceed with your goals. A lot of people may discourage you from going after your dreams.

Now, if you don’t believe in yourself, then you’re not going to be able to do a good job of convincing others that you can succeed at anything.

5 simple ways to overcome failure free report

2. You build self-confidence that’s essential to succeeding in life

Believing that you can do it will help you build self-confidence. When you’re confident, you’ll be able to convince yourself and the people around you to do your bidding. They’re not going to doubt for a moment that you’re going to succeed.

It might be tough when you think about it, but if you really believe in yourself, then you know that you’ll do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.

3. You develop a more positive attitude and let go of negative ones

When you believe in yourself, you develop a can-do attitude. You say “yes” to everything that can help you reach your goals faster, and “no” to anything that will set you back.

4. You become more optimistic about your future

Believing in yourself will make you more positive about your future. Nothing can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from progressing any further.


You view failure as nothing more than a temporary setback, and you won’t let it hinder you from reaching your goals.

Your self-belief will allow you to see through opportunities that are hiding in plain sight, and because of this, your future will look so much brighter than it does now.

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