Updating Your Digital Music Distribution – online training

Updating Your Digital Music Distribution
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I've gotten my music on iTunes — now what?  Or how do I even get my music there?  Should I worry about Facebook?  Tumblr?  Twitter?  How do I have time for this?  How do I make more than 67 cents a download, or less than 1 cent for streaming?  Welcome to “Updating Your Digital Music Distribution,” where we will work to help you answer these and many other questions. The digital world for musicians continues to change dramatically.  We not only have the ability to self-market and create communities directly with listeners, but also can thrive in online communities with influencers and other musicians around the world.  Digital has transformed not just the way we get the word out, but also how we create and how we understand the vast data around the consumption of our music.  Internet marketing has morphed into internet community crowdsourcing of opinions and tastes—a very different world for musicians and musical organizations.  You will engage in rethinking your own “brand,” finding your “target audience” online, and engaging directly with core influencers and Super Fans. Who are you really trying to reach to thrive as a musician?  How do you really plan to earn money in this digitally connected, streaming music, age?  How can you make different money from different relationships with fans?  What do you need to do beyond getting your tracks out on the right digital distribution services?  Where IS the right place or places for your music to be available?  What have other musicians and musical organizations done that you’d like to learn from in your own marketing and branding?  How do your fandoms overlap?  What can you do with that information?What is worth your time to engage in and what is a total waste of time?    >> More details…