How To Win Friends and Influence People on Social Media – online training

How To Win Friends and Influence People on Social Media
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Consider this scenario: You pull out your iPhone… you tap on your Facebook App… you see that somebody added you… and you accept them. And then you NEVER correspond with that person again. Think about how many people you connect to on social media who are subsequently thrown into the dreaded Slush Pile and sentenced to a lifetime of obscurity. For all you know they could have been a customer, or a business partner… or a FRIEND. Our forefathers lived by a mantra that many today seem too swept up by technology to comprehend: All prosperity begins with a genuine human connection. Since most of those connections are now made through social media, it is IMPERATIVE we understand that every online profile is a living, breathing, hoping, dreaming human being. It is only after we truly internalize this and put it into practice that we see our products, our businesses, and our own personal fulfillment flourish. To anyone with a desire to separate themselves from all the social media sheep out there—all you students, independent artists, small business owners, and fortune 500 CEOs—join me in updating Dale Carnegie's classic for the Digital Age, and let's take The Customer Comes First to a refreshing level of intensity. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ WHAT WE'LL COVER: 1. The Two Types of People on Social Media(Acting scene starring Vacation Alum Dana Barron). 2. The Most Important Tool You Need (And Already Have) To Achieve Prosperity In Business. 3. A Movie That Will Change Your Attitude Towards Business. 4. Who I Am and Why You Should Listen. 5. People Invest In YOU, Not Your Product. 6. Six Habits of Highly Effective People on Social Media. 7. The Smartest Businessman Under 40. 8. Fatburger: More Than Just a Delicious Burger. 9. Why You Should Drive the PCH. 10. Ten Bad Habits Hurting Your Brand. *PDF 11. List of Companies With Good and Bad Customer Service. *PDF 12. People You Should Befriend. *PDF 13. Your Daily Routine. *PDF 14. I Am, Therefore I Tweet. *PDF 15. Depression: A Sign You Have a Gift. *PDF >> More details…