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How To Write Marketing Copy That Sells
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A Business Is Only A Business If It Can Sell So you have a great product or a fantastic service. Unfortunately in today’s attention seeking world that by itself is not enough. The truth is that it’s not the best product that wins; it’s the one with the best marketing. Of course, if you want repeat business, you also need a great product! But how do you get that new customer to just try you out? Direct marketing still works; it’s just that people seem to have forgotten how to do it – or perhaps they never knew. Nowadays though, you are more likely to send out an email than a letter in the post. What you want is a marketing piece that gets prospects to pick up the phone or visit your website and buy from you. This copywriting course is for every small business owner that has struggled to put together a flyer, sales letter, email marketing piece or copy for their website. The answer is of course with great marketing material. And that’s why I put this course together. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t going to turn you into a marketing genius. But what it could do is give you a structure around which to work for and some big “Ah Ha” moments as you look at your marketing material differently. The concepts it explains on how to write copy are applicable to:Direct mail Email marketing Flyers Brochures Web Site Copy Sales Video Scripts Advertisements Sales PresentationsSo do you want to build a brand or sell some products? Hopefully you want to do both! But too many college educated marketers focus on “Brand Building” rather than selling. The truth is a successful brand develops as a result of lots of sales to happy customers. So you need to focus on winning sales not marketing awards! And that’s what this copywriting course is all about – showing you the 20 components that goes into any sales oriented marketing material. Not every marketing piece contains all 20 though. But if you don’t know what should be in there, how are you going to decide what to leave out? 12 components relate to the structure and 8 to the content and how it should flow. By understanding how they fit together and support each other you can create any size of marketing material. The core content on how to write copy is in video format and lasts for an hour and a quarter. It is easy to follow because it is broken down into 9 separate videos: Video 1: Introduction To Copy Writing In this video we start by looking at what it is you are selling. Remember you don’t sell a product or service; you sell a solution to a customer’s problem. To get to the core of the problem you are going to create a couple of lists. From these you will be able to write copy that directly targets the core desire of your target market – you do have a target market don’t you? Video 2: The Ultimate Sales Formula All sales messages need to be wrapped around a simple 4 step sequence. Even though you can’t put the same amount of information into a newspaper advertisement as a direct mail piece, both still need to follow the formula if you are going to get results. In this video we will look at what the 20 components of great copy are. Knowing the formula and the purpose of the 20 components helps you to decide which bits you need to include for different marketing pieces. Video 3: Grabbing Their Attention Attention spans are getting ever shorter, so you need to grab your audience's attention straight away. This video explains the parts of your sales message that does just that. You need to get this bit right if you want your target audience to pay attention to the rest of your sales message. Just choosing the right type of headline could make a huge difference in your conversion rates, but it has to work with the elements that surround it. Video 4: The Body Copy Once you have their attention, then they are more likely to read the rest of your copy. This video takes you through the components that should be in your main body text and why they are there! Every great story has a beginning, middle and end. Well, the Body Text is the middle of your story! This is where you add information about the benefits your prospect will get and how your solution is their best option. Video 5: Social Proof Your Offer Imagine you are the first person to take this course. What do you look for? Customer reviews obviously. They are everywhere on-line these days. People want to know that they are making the right decision when they buy, so naturally they want to know who else thinks this is good. This video shows you how to embed social proof into your marketing. So once you have taken this course, why not write a review of it for me! Video 6: The Call To Action Having an effective “Call To Action” is the difference between sales and branding. Every marketing piece that you create has to pay for itself by getting a prospect to do something. That might be to buy straight away, or it may be to get them to visit your website or call you, so that you can continue the sales process. This video shows you how to create an effective call to action. Video 7: Story Time The best marketing campaigns have stories and characters that you can relate to. The story is about how someone just like your target customer had exactly the same problem and how they fixed that problem using your solution. By creating an effective character you actually build social proof and third party testimonials right there into your copy. Stories bypass our critical filters and let you get your message in at the unconscious level. This video will show you how. Video 8: Value and Risk You have to demonstrate through your copy why your customers should swap their money for what you have to offer. You begin by building up your value proposition, but that may not be enough. So you also have to assure them that their money is safe and that they are not taking any risks when they put their trust in you to deliver. Effective risk reversal could be the key to getting them to say yes, so this video explains how you build that into your copy. Video 9: Credibility And Framing This is the final part of the jigsaw. In this video we will explore how to create credibility in print and the importance of creating a contrast frame for your value proposition. The truth is that your customers don't care about you, they care about what you can do for them. But they need to be able to trust that you will deliver what you say you will; especially if this is the first time they have bought something from you. Get Started Today! I hope you will find the videos in this copywriting course informative and entertaining – after all it is much easier to learn something if it’s fun! At the end of each video you will have some homework to do! After all, you are learning this so that you can apply it to your business. Even if you pay someone else to create your marketing materials for you, this course will give you the information you need to have a professional discussion with them. And of course it comes with a full money back guarantee – I explain why in video 8 by the way! So why not get started today and start to make more sales by using better marketing copy? That way the course will have paid for itself in no time at all. >> More details…