Activate your body’s energetic language for self-healing, resilience & vitality – November 1-5 Event

energy medicine summit 2021

Imagine being so in tune with the subtle energies that course through your being that you could assess and treat energetic imbalances on the spot. 

Picture yourself releasing challenging energetic build-ups and blockages arising from stress, illness, or difficult relationships.

The latest evidence-based research reveals that YOU have the power to restore your energetic balance when you’re feeling off physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

There’s a powerful life-force energy that’s within and all around you at all times. You can activate this well of pure potentiality and gain a higher perspective on your life through the potent workings of energy medicine.

Energy medicine is based on the understanding that physical, mental, and behavioural problems have a counterpart in the body’s energies, and can be treated at this level. It provides a holistic approach to healing — by addressing not only your physical self but by also working with your emotions, past trauma, and your connections to others both present and past.

As you attune to the factors that are muddling your energy, you move closer to the quantum field that holds your true blueprint for divine wisdom.  

You can cultivate this exquisite web of energy using therapeutic practices that empower you to access your vagus nerve, release emotional baggage, transform the stored energies created from living through a global pandemic, and much more.

New science-based research shows the myriad ways that we are interconnected energetically, while also supporting the different forms of energy medicine that promote healing. During the Energy Medicine Summit, you’ll learn how to access and activate the electromagnetic web of your body for therapeutic purposes.

Free Online Event
Energy Medicine Summit
November 1–5, 2021

I’m thrilled to invite you to join more than 30 of today’s highly sought-after teachers, doctors and healers — including Dr. Karen Kan, Eileen McKusick, Mona Delfino, Dr. Shamini Jain, Dr. Maya Shetreat, Rollin McCraty, PhD, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Dr. Sue Morter, and others — bringing to light the curative and evolutionary powers of a wide range of proven energy practices! 

Energy Medicine Summit November 1-5, 2021 speakers

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Here’s just a small sampling of what we’ll be sharing with you…

  • Dr. Karen Kan will demonstrate how to quickly seed the quantum field with your desired intentions — to auto-heal all levels of your being.
  • Eileen McKusick will teach you how to raise the voltage of your electromagnetic energetic field to improve your health, resiliency and immunity.
  • Mona Delfino will share how her own journey of awakening can serve as a catalyst for liberating your energetic power in these times of profound, accelerating change.
  • Dr. Shamini Jain will explain how to harness the power of your mind using healing psychoneuroimmunology techniques to foster bioenergetic health.
  • Maya Shetreat will explore how our physical, emotional, and energy bodies evolved with the support of plants and animals, and why the ​​intricate relationships we have with these living beings are necessary if we wish to be healthy, balanced, and resilient.
  • Rollin McCraty, PhD, will discuss the latest research on energetic interconnectivity — and how planetary, solar, and cosmic energies affect our emotions, mental functions, health, and behaviors.
  • Dr. Bradley Nelson will demonstrate how his mind-mapping system works with muscle testing to quickly identify and release harmful emotions.
  • Dr. Sue Morter will explain how specific energy codes can help you build neurocircuitry to clear subconscious beliefs and embody your true potential beyond beliefs.
  • Dr. Marie Mbouni will share tools to access your innate divine codes so you can live your dream life by removing blocks in the areas of health, abundance, and relationships. 
  • Beth McDougall, MD, will demonstrate how consciously aligning your pristine blueprint to the interconnected unified field enables radical transformation.
  • Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza will show you how doing shadow work and aligning with Mother Earth’s energy can help bring you into balance and more harmonious living.

Plus, you’re in good hands with summit hosts Vanessa Codorniu, a soul coach and founder of the School of the Healing Artes, and Dr. Christine Schaffner, a naturopathic physician.

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P.S. During this vibrant 5-day event, you’ll discover:

  • How to align your pristine blueprint with the unified field to radically transform your life
  • Four practices to start activating your inner healer by tapping into “radical intuition”
  • A powerful guided meditation to heal deep subconscious wounds, accessing your soul’s light to release energy that no longer serves you
  • Effective ways to raise the electromagnetic vibrational voltage of your human biofield to increase health, resiliency, and immunity
  • Your soul’s “signature energy,” empowering you to sustain higher levels of consciousness by transmuting shadow aspects
  • How to access your own medical intuitive abilities by clearing blockages that obscure intuitive information about your physical health
  • How EFT (a.ka. tapping) can help to regulate your nervous system in minutes, reduce stress and anxiety, and transform chaos to calm
  • How to tap into the vagus nerve to release childhood trauma and stress that created a negative imprint in your energy field
  • Clearing as a gentle but powerful way to create healthy energetic boundaries by releasing other people’s energy and unresolved past issues
  • Ways to open your lungs, shift your alignment, and soften your ribcage, so you can begin to transform and finally discharge the stored energies of this past year
  • And much more!

>> RSVP here for the Energy Medicine Summit — at no charge <<