Angelic Sound Medicine to Connect With Voice & Your Higher Self

Angelic Sound Medicine to Harmonize Your Chakras & Your Life & Elevate the Magnetism of Your Voice With the Power of 12 Angels of Atlantis
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Receive Love-Light Energies From the 12 Angels of Atlantis with Sonic Meditations. Harmonize Your Chakras & Your Life to the Unique Tone of Your Soul.

Do you feel out of touch with who you truly are after this heavy autumn with the burdens and brutality of the world in the foreground?

That’s why we’re making a special event available to you to lift you up and access the power of your voice to call in your soul.

Join the remarkable Stewart Pearcevoice and presence coach to Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher, as he works directly as an “angelic emissary” with 12 Angels of Atlantis who are spiritual intermediaries with your highest Self and your truest purpose.

While that may sound a bit lofty and out there, what’s clear in working with Stewart is that he is grounded, credible, and powerful, helping us to bridge to higher dimensions.

You’re invited to a brand-new hour-long event as Stewart shares how, through the power of sonic meditations, spiritual teachings, and divine prayers, you can connect with each of the angels’ unique traits and energies — bringing their unique wisdom, talents, and energy into your own life.

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Angelic Sound Medicine to Harmonize Your Chakras & Your Life & Elevate the Magnetism of Your Voice With the Power of 12 Angels of Atlantis

For example, you can learn to reconnect with your inner strength, courage, and willpower, following in the footsteps of the Angel Hanael, The Sacred Warrior. 

Or, anytime you need inspiration or encouragement, you can easily envision your soul’s field of infinite potential with Angel Jophiel, the Angel of Liberation.

In a way, each angel is a way to envision an aspect of God — a kind of archetypal messenger for that sacred quality of the universe. When you connect with those qualities, they come alive in your life. 

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll explore: 

  • How you can connect with the 12 Angels of Atlantis at this pivotal moment in history to share the transformative power of light and sound
  • How the Angels illuminate where healing, loving vibrations are missing in your life
  • How you can learn more about your life’s path and purpose while you’re here on Earth by emulating each Angel’s unique role in assisting humanity, based on the keys they use to open the 12 Archetypes within we humans
  • How your life can change when you learn to love for the sake of loving, expecting nothing in return — accessing life-changing levels of compassion, truth, joy, and trust in the universe
  • guided meditation to identify the vibrational energies of each of the 12 Angels — releasing negativity and disharmony from your body using healing sound and light vibrations.

Princess Diana sought Stewart’s advice in 1995 to empower herself by finding her unique signature voice, the song of her soul. 

Stewart coached Diana, Princess of Wales, for the last two years of her extraordinary life in a collaboration that helped shape the image of Diana we all remember.

Now you can join Stewart to discover the once-hidden possibilities that begin to unfold when you feel profound harmony within your being. 

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During the brand-new online event, Receive Love-Light Energies From the 12 Angels of Atlantis Through Sonic Meditations with Stewart Pearce, angelic emissary and world-renowned voice and presence coach…

… you’ll access the profound courage, empathy, and unity consciousness that lies within your truest self.



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