Calming Your Nervous System w/ Healing Stones: Free Online Event w/ Sarah Thomas

Doorways Into the Wu With Healing Stones & Crystals
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How do you care for your nervous system during times of stress, challenge, or change?

Ancient Taoist stone medicine masters harnessed the healing frequencies of stones and crystals to access the Wu — the pure potentiality of the Universe that reveals what’s truly possible for our lives. 
The Divine frequency of stones and crystals still offer powerful medicine for grounding, cleansing, connecting with nature and each other — and elevating our energy as their timeless wisdom helps us adapt to stress and settle into a felt sense of safety within us that allows our spirits to soar. 
This Tuesday, July 2, certified stone medicine practitioner Sarah Thomas will share her top 5 stones for healing the nervous system gleaned through decades of studying the ancient Taoist principles of stone medicine.
Doorways Into the Wu With Healing Stones & Crystals
Founder of Clarity Stone Medicine, a practice dedicated to integrating the healing properties of stones into holistic health treatments, Sarah has educated practitioners and enthusiasts alike and continues to research and develop new techniques in stone medicine that contribute greatly to the field’s growth and evolution.
Stones and crystals can naturally ground, cleanse, heal, and awaken the deeper potential of our bodies, minds, and spirits…
… and realign us with the frequencies of the Earth by instilling a deep-rooted feeling of harmony, peace, and belonging within that naturally radiates outward.

In this event, you’ll learn:

  • The connection between nervous system health and spiritual awakening
  • Why crystals are powerful tools for nervous system restoration
  • The top 5 stones for healing the nervous system (based on Taoist principles)
  • How to use stones for healing treatments and in jewelry
  • Safe and effective applications for pets and children
  • A guided practice with stones and crystals to soothe your nervous system

This event is perfect for you if you’re looking for:

  • Natural ways to manage stress and anxiety
  • Techniques to promote relaxation and inner peace
  • A deeper connection with nature and the Earth’s energy
  • Methods for holistic healing and transformation

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