Talk to Your Pet! Free Telepathic Communication Workshop w/ Penelope Smith

Talk to Your Pet! Free Telepathic Communication Workshop with Penelope Smith

Register to join a special Shift Network event on Tuesday, June 25, for a special event as Penelope shares how you can rediscover and further develop your natural telepathic communication skills with animals and other beings.

Penelope will also guide you through a meditation featuring shamanic drumming to the pattern of a heartbeat — to help you connect more deeply and widely with all the animals of Earth as you ground yourself and feel their consciousness.

Unlock the Secrets of Telepathic Communication w/ Your Animals (in 60 min) Event

Telepathic Communication With Your Animals: Learn Techniques

Discover the remarkable world of telepathic animal communication and forge a deeper connection with your beloved companions. Join Joan Ranquet, a renowned animal communicator, as she shares practical techniques to enhance your understanding and strengthen the trust between you and your furry friends. Harmonize the energy in your home and create a safe, nurturing space for your animal companions to thrive.