Discover How to Attract More Money – Abundance Energy & its True Purpose

Change how you think about money to unlock your abundance codes
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Change how you think about money to unlock your abundance codes

What if you could attract more money into your life by aligning with the deeper spiritual purpose of money — and the love and support that money was meant to provide you?

Money consciousness coach Sarah McCrum says money is, on a higher level, a loving, conscious energy that wants nothing more than to help you experience abundance and fulfillment on all levels of being. 

It does so, she says, once you align your values with the true value of money: to connect human beings through creativity, generosity, and meaningful contributions.

She’ll share how you can align with what she calls the feminine principles of money in free online event and help you begin to remove any blocks you have to financial abundance so you can attract more money into your life. Register here to join us.

Change how you think about money to unlock your abundance codes

It’s truly a life-changing opportunity to shift your current paradigm of thinking about money and recognize its higher purpose for your life.

In this insightful event, you’ll:

  • Discover a feminine approach to money that places purpose at the center to support your needs and deepest dreams — and learn how feminine and masculine approaches to money can work together to serve the greatest good 
  • Explore a new language around money that feels comfortable, makes sense, feels good — and supports your inner value system
  • Take potent steps to integrate your spiritual and physical life around money 
  • Hear how Sarah cultivated a tangible relationship with the energy of money — and how a feminine approach to money evolved

Sarah will also guide you in an energy activation to access a feminine, heart-centered approach to money that frees up your energy as you let go of worry or stress about money — and open to its Divine purpose for your life.

This truly empowers us to transition from what can be a stressful relationship with money to one of love, abundance, and support.

If you’re experiencing any kind of block in your ability to attract financial abundance that supports your deepest purpose and values, you’ll definitely want to attend this event!

We’re warmly invite you to join us. You can RSVP here. 



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