Experience the Deathbed Awakening exercise to deepen your relationship to reality

Using the Enrealment Method to Bridge Your Spirituality & Humanity
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Discover how life’s most difficult challenges can serve as a catalyst of awakening.

Are you aware of what you, as a spiritual person, should be doing, how you should be feeling, what you should be overcoming…

… yet you reach for answers where you think they should be found, only to hit dead ends time and time again?

That’s where psychotherapist Jeff Brown found himself when his experience in the psychology realm similarly came up short. It’s why he developed the intersectional grounded spirituality he calls enrealment. 

Enrealment melds psychology and Spirit, shadow and light, earth and sky into a more integrated spirituality. His method for achieving and sustaining it is the exciting heart of his free event on Tuesday, May 24:

>> From Woo-Woo to Getting Real: Using the Enrealment Method
to Bridge Your Spirituality & Humanity <<

Using the Enrealment Method to Bridge Your Spirituality & Humanity

Jeff will provide assurance that what’s happening with you is neither personal shortcoming nor heavenly slight. Your “stuff” is ready to be excavated and healed; that’s all. 

He’ll share how you can forge an even more powerful, reliable spirituality by embodying all the parts of yourself — in all their authentic, messy, human glory.

In this free online event, you’ll:

  • Experience the Deathbed Awakening exercise to deepen your relationship to reality
  • Explore the question, “What does it mean to be human?” as a way to examine your spiritual beliefs and conditioning — as they limit or encourage the expression and expansion of your humanity
  • Discover how to apply the enrealment method to dismantle what no longer supports you and fortify what does
  • Acknowledge how this more encompassing view of spirituality allows for the processing of difficult emotional material… and learn how to navigate that
  • Emerge inspired to identify the paths you’re here to walk, lessons you’re here to learn, and callings you’re here to embrace

Enrealment equips you to go into your issues rather than dissociating from them — and encourages you to find your transformation at the heart of your emotional material rather than in the spiritual bypassing of it. The comfort found in enrealment is hard-won and enduring.

As you become an enrealed human being, your energy expands to serve your highest purpose. Your spiritual assignment here on Earth is calling for you to be healed — broadening your capacity to weather challenges and contribute outwardly. 

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In From Woo-Woo to Getting Real: Using the Enrealment Method to Bridge Your Spirituality & Humanity with Jeff Brown…

… you’ll discover how life’s most difficult challenges can serve as grist for the mill of awakening, what it means to be fully and authentically human, and how your flaws can be a portal to a higher spirituality.