Experience Wisdom of Ancient Egypt for Inspiration, Empowerment & Healing

Unlock Your Mythical Power With the Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Seshet
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Unlock your mythical power with the wisdom of an ancient Egyptian goddess.

Are you seeking a profound connection to your true self — your own unique power — and the larger story of the Universe? 

If so, the wisdom of ancient Egypt may be calling you

Ancient Egyptian culture was deeply in tune with the cycles of life, the mysteries of the cosmos, and the spiritual dimensions of existence. It’s long held a place of fascination and reverence in spiritual circles.

Their rich mythology cultivated a sense of belonging to a greater cosmic narrative which transcended their individual lives. Not only did this help the ancient Egyptians come to terms with the mysteries of life and death…

… it also inspired them to live in harmony with the natural world and their fellow beings, imbuing their lives with a profound sense of meaning and purpose.

On Tuesday, May 23, Jocelyn Star Feather — intuitive guide, spiritual alchemist, and founder of Sacred Planet — will illustrate how ancient Egypt invites us to discover that we are all mythical beings… just like the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

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Unlock Your Mythical Power With the Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Seshet

In this soul-empowering event, you’ll:

  • Experience a beautiful shamanic journeying practice to connect with the Goddess Seshet, allowing you to align your personal life and mythology with the larger plan of the Universe
  • Discover your mythical nature to access inner strength and power
  • Examine the concept of Identity Shift and how the ancient Egyptian deities can help you embody your strongest and most positive qualities 
  • Engage in a potent practice to uncover the mythical aspects of your own life, exploring moments of immense joy and hardship, and how these experiences can shape your unique Hero’s Journey
  • Learn about the Immortal Stars and how the ancient Egyptians understood the eternal nature of the soul… helping you to release unhelpful patterns from your past 
  • Awaken your gifts from previous lifetimes to find healing, deep meaning, and joy

Join Jocelyn for this deeply spiritual event to begin your incredible journey with the wisdom of ancient Egypt — unveiling the profound harmony of your individual existence with the grand design of the Cosmos…

… so you can ignite your purpose, experience a sense of peace and oneness with All That Is, and create a new mythology for your life. 

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In Unlock Your Mythical Power With the Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Seshet with Jocelyn Star Feather… 

… you’ll experience a shamanic journey to tap into the deep wisdom of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Seshet, revealing secrets of your immortal soul, awakening inner strength, and healing past wounds — so you can forge an empowering mythology for your life’s journey.



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