Explore Informed Psychedelic Healing: Benefits, Safety & Choosing the Right Medicine

The Power of Informed Psychedelic Healing How to Choose the Ideal Medicine on Your Personal Journey to Wellness
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Explore the science, spirituality & various options for psychedelic therapy

Are you curious about the use of psychedelics — not just for recreational purposes, but as a therapeutic way to alleviate psychological and spiritual challenges?

Have you wondered about the higher states of consciousness and ego dissolution that certain psychedelics can evoke — but don’t know where to start?

According to internationally renowned herbalist, clinician, and research scientist Christopher Hobbs, continually emerging clinical trials are providing meaningful evidence…

… regarding the significant benefits of certain psychedelics in reducing or even eradicating symptoms of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction, and more — when used safely

From Dr. Hobbs’ point of view, these substances were originally meant to be experienced as portals into your own psyche and heart…

 keys into your inner world and other-worldly dimensions where you can receive the guidance and epiphanic awareness you need to transform and heal.  

Join Dr. Hobbs in a free video event, in which he’ll share about psychedelic medicines — providing you with an overview of their healing impact, how to use them, and their relative safety, legality, and accessibility.

He’s inspired to share with you the scientific wisdom and often life-changing benefits of four of the most researched and best-known psychedelics — psilocybin, MDMA, Ayahuasca, and ketamine.

He’s eager to help you determine which might have the most effective and long-lasting impact on you in addressing the emotional, spiritual, and relational struggles you’re currently facing

You can register here for The Power of Informed Psychedelic Healing: How to Choose the Ideal Medicine on Your Personal Journey to Wellness

The Power of Informed Psychedelic Healing How to Choose the Ideal Medicine on Your Personal Journey to Wellness

During this illuminating hour-long session, you’ll discover:

  • An overview of 4 psychedelics, how they work with your brain and psyche, benefits they provide, and ways to use them
  • A breathing meditation led by Dr. Hobbs’ wife, Rainya Dann, to set an intention and bring you into a present and relaxed state of mind   
  • How to mitigate your risk as you use psychedelics — including a positive mental state, an appropriate setting, and creating intentions 
  • The ethical and legal considerations of each of the psychedelics, their safety and accessibility, and their long-term effects
  • Psychedelic use in the BIPOC or other marginalized communities, and how the medicines may help heal the pain of oppression
  • Psychedelics in the context of history, wisdom traditions, and the evolution of human consciousness

Because Dr. Hobbs’ knowledge is based on scientific research, clinical trials, and extensive personal experience, he holds a great deal of information and an extraordinary level of wisdom about how each of these psychedelics work on your brain…

… including where to find them, the most effective settings in which to use them, and ways to find trained and experienced facilitators to walk you through the journeys of each. 

Dr. Hobbs will reveal one of the most fascinating aspects of the more organic psychedelics: the mounting evidence that they were likely part of the catalyst and foundational wisdom for some major religions, including Vedic traditions and Christianity!

And you’ll learn about microdosing and the addictive potential (or none) of the various psychedelics, so you can begin to discern which medicinal path might be the most comfortable, safe, and effective for your wellness journey.

You can RSVP for free here to watch event recording as well as learn more joining internationally renowned herbalist, clinician, and research scientist Christopher Hobbs private training course at a special discount.

Important Note:

Psychedelics are powerful substances with potential risks and legal limitations. It’s important to be transparent about these aspects in your blog post. While highlighting the potential benefits, consider adding a disclaimer such as:

Disclaimer: Psychedelics can be powerful tools for healing, but they are not without risks. It’s crucial to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before using any psychedelic substance. Additionally, the legality of psychedelic use varies by location.



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