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Every year, I look forward to the lineup of the Food Revolution Summit that my good friends, John and Ocean Robbins, produce. And every year they outdo themselves by bringing together the brightest, most outspoken food and nutrition experts.

This year exceeds all expectations. They’ve gone even bigger and better with a brand new format that’s more riveting than ever before.

It’s the Food Revolution Summit Docuseries, an eight-part exposé that reveals this year’s biggest breakthroughs in food and health.

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In the Food Revolution Summit Docuseries, an all-star lineup of 45 world-renowned experts shares this year’s most vital updates about food, health, the environment, and living longer.

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Can you guess the top 8 brain health superfoods?

Memory loss, brain fog, and fuzzy thinking can be scary and frustrating. On top of that, you might worry that these symptoms mean you’re on your way to getting dementia or even needing 24/7 care.

Many people wrongly assume these symptoms are just a normal part of aging or the result of bad genetics.

But here’s the truth — backed by the most recent and thrilling scientific developments:

MOST of these symptoms are easily prevented or reversed with food and small lifestyle shifts.

What’s even more exciting is this discovery:

Up to 90% of all Alzheimer’s cases are caused by diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors (NOT genetics).

And the #1 way to control your risk is… what you eat!

My friends, best-selling authors John and Ocean Robbins, put together a free, research-backed guidebook on eight superfoods that can improve your brain health.

These aren’t exotic, expensive foods that are difficult to find. These are simple foods you can get at any grocery store, and they could make a huge difference.

Are you already eating some of these?

Which ones are you missing?

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Did you know that the gut produces more neurotransmitters than the brain? High-fiber diets, like a plant-based diet, feed the good bacteria in the microbiome. Discover the 8 superfoods your brain will love in this free guidebook

The pandemic and your heart.

In the last three years, since the start of the pandemic, heart-attack-related deaths have increased significantly amongst all age groups.

This means that taking care of your heart is more urgent than ever.

The good news is that scientists have discovered that the right diet and lifestyle can slash your risk of cardiovascular disease by 80% or MORE. (Even if it runs in the family.)

The best part…

It requires ZERO medications. NO surgeries. And NO invasive procedures.

My good friends John and Ocean Robbins from Food Revolution Network created this guidebook on the top 15 foods that are scientifically proven to help maintain a healthy heart.

How many of these are you already eating?

Which are you missing?

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death on the planet, cutting lives short and devastating families. Learn how to slash your risk in your FREE copy of Heart Food: 15 Superfoods Your Heart Will Love

The top 6 foods for immune health.

Have you ever wondered why some people get sick while others who are exposed to the same germs stay healthy?

And among those who become infected, why do some people fare so much better than others of the same age and gender?

Over and over again, it turns out that a person’s diet and lifestyle make an enormous difference.

The truth is there are simple things you can do right now to strengthen your immune system.

And with all that’s going on in the world, these strategies are more important than ever.

My friends and Food Revolution Network founders, John and Ocean Robbins, put together a free Smart Immunity guidebook.

Inside, they share the specific foods that scientists recommend eating to stay healthy and help you make a swift recovery if you ever do become sick.

Which of these foods are you already eating?

And which ones are you missing?

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What foods should you be eating to get the nutrients you need and strengthen your immune system? Find out how to make the smartest choices for yourself and your loved ones in this FREE guidebook

Discover 10 proven anticancer foods (and 6 to avoid!)

Did you know that more than 90% of all cancers are caused by diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors (NOT genetics)?

And the #1 way you can control your risk is…

By what you eat!

My friends and colleagues, John and Ocean Robbins, want you to know the truth, so they put together a free guidebook on the top 10 superfoods that are proven to be anti-cancer — and six foods to avoid at all costs.

How many of these anticancer foods are you already eating?

Which are you missing?

Some of these might surprise you!

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A growing body of research has found that a healthy diet filled with a large variety of plant foods can help prevent or even reverse cancer. Learn more in your FREE copy of Eat to Defeat Cancer

The upsides and downsides of vegan snacks

These days you can go to many grocery store snack aisles and find an array of “healthy” snacks that would tempt even the most diehard Doritos devourer.

There are even vegan cheese puffs with the same bright orange “cheese” as their cheddar counterparts!

Unfortunately, these types of snacks may seem like they’re better for you, but they’re still loaded with processed ingredients, ultra-refined vegetable oils, and off-the-charts levels of sugar and salt.

So what’s a health-conscious, snack-loving person to do?

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