Free Event: Discover Your Supersensory Gift w/ an Ancestral Guide

Unlock Your Ancestral Wisdom - Free Event on Discovering Your Supersensory Gift
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Unlock Your Ancestral Wisdom: Free Event on Discovering Your Supersensory Gift

Do you possess supersensory gifts — such as energy healing, medical intuition, any of the four clairs, mediumship, or the ability to access the Akashic records? 

Or perhaps you suspect you have such gifts but don’t know how to establish and use them.

Join Afro-Indigenous medical intuitive and healer Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest on Tuesday, April 9, for a brand-new event with The Shift Network with as she guides you to connect with an ancestor on a guided medicine journey.

>> Register here: Your Most Important Supersensory Gift: Connect With an Ancestor to Tap Into Your Psychic Gift & Align It With Your Life’s Purpose

Unlock Your Ancestral Wisdom - Free Event on Discovering Your Supersensory Gift

Your ancestor will unveil one of your supersensory gifts and explain how you can harness its full potential to support your soul’s evolution as you serve others.

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll explore:

  • A guided medicine journey to meet with an ancestor who’ll reveal (or remind you of) the most important supersensory gift you incarnated with — and explain how you’re meant to use it in this lifetime for your own soul growth 

  • Specific ways to further develop your gift so you serve the greater good and help others

  • How this gift or gifts you were born with are connected to gifts you’re meant to develop going forward, so you can align with your purpose for this incarnation

  • How certain practices and habits, including meditation, can sharpen your spiritual gifts and expand your consciousness

  • An overview of your soul’s journey — including pre-incarnation, post-incarnation, life purpose, karma, and soul lessons — so you can better understand where your newly uncovered spiritual gift fits into your journey

You’ll learn how to feel more connected to — and empowered by — your intuitive gifts as you explore them through an Indigenous framework. 

I hope you’ll join us! >> RSVP right here <<

When you join us for Your Most Important Supersensory Gift with Afro-Indigenous medical intuitive and healer Dr. Jennifer Lisa Vest…

… you’ll connect with an ancestor and identify or confirm one of the supersensory gifts you were born with — and take a huge step toward understanding the reason your soul incarnated at this time.

We hope you’ll join the event as scheduled on Tuesday, April 9. But if you register and miss it, we’ll send you a recording soon after the event concludes. Register for free here! <<



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